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  1. Princess94

    My First Grow Ever: Closet Tent Grow

    I will like to know what do you guys think? My first grow. I’m using fox farm trio with cal mag. I will be using different nutrients in flowering stage. I’ll go with bud candy, big bud, molases & flawless finish. I think I will also continue with fox farm trio or is there’s anything else I...
  2. W

    First Time Grower - Novice Gardener

    Hello, all! I am growing Outdoors for the first time. I have the cheapest set up possible— soil, Biothrive Grow & Bloom, and the sun :) I have unknown seeds straight from a male plant. I currently have 5 plants: 3 sprouting and 2 currently growing. I live in Seattle and during this time (Early...
  3. farside05

    Weed So Easy A Child Can Do It? By Farside05 & Son - OG, Sour D & White Widow

    After a bit of a break, the tent is back open for business but under new management. Here is the deal. My son has an interest in relocating and working in a commercial greenhouse. I support him in his decision if he chooses to do so, but he doesn't have a bunch of experience. He's seen it...
  4. J

    Can someone give me some advice?

    So at october 10th i started planted my 2 seedslings that have succesfully germinates using the paper towel method , into my 2 containers and let them be. After a few days of checking , only one of the 2 grows the other one is still in the soil exposed to light but no signs of sprouting yet. Now...
  5. germs

    Sour Patch Kids - Soil - T5 - 400W HPS - 1st Post - 1st Grow - 1st Day

    hello! I've recently moved to the legal grow state of Massachusetts, USA. Got some seeds from the 2017 Boston CannaCon, and grow supplies from a local supply store. This is my first grow and I've read so much that I've lost all retention of any real knowledge on how to go about this...so I'm...
  6. T

    First time grower

    Whats up everyone! been a mmj patient for a year now. Decided to start growing my own medicine. Loving it so far and glad to be here. peace and good health to all
  7. flytier

    Flytier's CKS CBDream Journal - From The Beginning This Time

    JUNE 09, 2017 So this is my second grow journal and I'm starting it at the same time I put the seeds down. There's a store in town that deals in Crop King Seeds, so that's the brand that I get. It saves lots of waiting time and the uncertainty of getting something through mail order (although...
  8. M

    First Grow - AK-48 & Super Skunk Fem - Coco Coir & Perlite - 600W LED - Grow Tent

    -Hello, this is my very first grow. The seeds used were Super Skunk and AK-48 feminized. Both strains are Indica-dominant hybrids (approximately 65/35). -Both plants are in the vegetative stage right now; the seeds were germinated around 5/13/2017 or 5/14/2017… I forgot to jot down the exact...
  9. MaryJANE01

    White Widow Grow - Indoor

    What's up guys, MaryJane here. So today I got my W/W seeds and I ordered a bag of Canna Coco Professional Plus which I will be using as my medium for this grow. This is only my second time growing so I still have a lot of stuff to learn. Unfortunately the soil doesn't arrive until next week so I...
  10. flytier

    Flytier's White Widow Novice Grow

    Ok, so this is my first grow journal, and very close to my first grow. I've had a couple failed attempts the predecessors to this batch of four is going somewhat smoothly. I have two WWs that I switched over to 12/12 just over a week ago, but that's another story... I'm kind of hoping that in...
  11. flytier

    My Girl Survived A Frost

    I didn't expect my WW to survive the frost the other morning. Having said that, I also didn't expect the frost the other morning. If that was in the forecast I would have brought her in. My black-eyed Susan, however, may not end up being the camouflage plant I was hoping it would grow into. May...
  12. flytier

    Info on CKS CBD Auto Cheese?

    Hey, everybody. I just bought a 5-pack of CBD Auto Cheese and I'll be putting them in water this evening. Just wondering if any growers out there who are familiar with it can give me some info on it. They say it has a flowering time of 8 weeks, and I'm curious of the seed-to-smoke time. Also...
  13. LSDHedgehog

    Very Late Southern Hemisphere Terrace Grow From Bagseed - Complete N00b

    With some of the recent developments regarding marijuana cultivation here in SA, I decided to put some beans in some damp toilet paper to see where it goes... Now since then I've been reading up SIGNIFICANTLY more, and have been lurking on various forums (which led me here - awesome vibe, btw)...
  14. flytier

    Fresh Fish Compost?

    Hey Everybody. I work at a salmon hatchery and we compost our dead fish. Now today I took some of this compost that was done last year and mixed it about half and half with peat moss. My plan is to pot a couple plants to put out by the door when it warms up a bit. I guess I'll get some perlite...
  15. G

    Eazy's Guerilla Grow Big Or Go Home

    What's up guys? After several failed attempts at growing, I believe this time will be a success. With that being said here are the details. Week 1 Started with 10 feminized seeds, ( 5-aurora indica, 5- Ak-48 ) no special germination methods, just seed, soil and a shop light. Week 2...
  16. flytier

    Two Level Grow Room WIP

    Ok, so I guess I probably should have taken a "before" picture, but anyway... This is Stage 2 of my setup. Stage 1 consisted of this alcove with a small upper shelf, covered by a blanket. It's the part of the kitchen where the fridge used to be, but it now has a more practical application. It...
  17. flytier

    Autoflower Progress

    Hey, Everybody. I'm a first-time grower and I have a couple Revolver autoflowers from Crop King Seeds on the go. A few days ago I first noticed the pre-flowers on the nodes. I'm assuming that this means I'm getting near flowering time. Does anybody know how much longer my babies are to...
  18. LaidBackLeo87

    DIY grow cabinet - First grow

    so this is my first official grow, ive made attempts in the past but i never finished through, and i now have better resources to take an honest go at it. im using a marshydro 95x6, 2 60w CFLs, and 4 27w CFLs. basic frame using 2x2 and 1/2 in osb board lined with shower lining and frame...
  19. S

    Topping gone wrong! Help!

    Hi all Looking for some advice from people with experience topping. My friend asked a few weeks ago about topping, I explained the principles but I later found out he "HAS HAD A GO" at it himself without the wounders of the Internet. Basically I orphaned the plant and am wondering if...
  20. 420Greenery

    Clandestine - Soil - Indoor - Boca Catalina - 2017

    Hello, Clandestine here... First grow. Seed is germinating as of yesterday. Gear: 2x2.5x5'7 gorilla tent, Advanced Platinum P300 Led, Simple timer Strain: Boca Catalina - Indica