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  1. ZoomiePipes

    ZoomiePipes Poison Pineapple & Skunk Grow 2019

    So I’ve just started popping seeds on GrassMonkey Poison Pineapple and an unknown linage indica I’m calling skunk that was grown outdoors. I found a few seeds in the skunk. Both of these are photoperiod strains. I have a 100W “blurple” LED and 150W ECRU LED that I’m running in a 2x2x4 Vivosun...
  2. B

    Patchy leaves?

    Hi can anyone tell me what’s wrong with my plant. I’m a first time grower so pretty new to this, I’ve done plenty research but I’m not sure what the problem is. So the plant looks fairly healthy, apart from a few patchy leaves, I’m not sure if it’s a nute deficiency or my ph? Any ideas? (edit...
  3. K

    Hayes's Autoflower Throwdown V1

    Hello, I hope everyone is having a great day, this will be my first journal. This will also be my first serious grow. I have grown a few plants here and there from bag seeds but did nothing except for water with the hose. I have purchased a few seeds from Seedsman but have had delivery...
  4. G

    Advice and opinion

    Hi this is my first grow. Have 15 seedlings in closet grown 21 days from seed in soil. Different variety. Some cookie, platinum of, and some unknown but they all made from germination. Never grew before. Using 3 (50 watt) led plant lights 24\7 4" from plant. Osmocote fertilizer since planted...
  5. B

    Dry tent set up

    So I know this question may have been asked and asnwered a million times but none of what I seen is a concrete answer for me(newbie always trying to learn). So I'm about 3 weeks give or take a few days away from harvest and dont know how to exactly set up my grow tent as a dry tent. I know I'm...
  6. Autohyponic

    Finally get to grow!

    Hello every one. I appreciate you taking the time to click my link. I am in the middle of my first grow. I figured I would share my experience from the beginning. I will be posting pics and more in my journal. I recently positioned myself to be able to dedicate a portion of my basement to...
  7. aspiegeek

    Stealth Cupboard Setup - Mini Grow With CFL

    So thought I'd do a mini journal of my stealth grow. This is the first time I've ever grown anything so big learning curve on everything! First off my space! Approx 4x3 ft, old cupboard I bought from a charity shop for £10! Lined with reflective radiator backing (in hindsight this may...
  8. RoyMoss1987

    1st time grower needing advice

    Hey everyone! I am a first time grower experiencing some issues with my girl, and I am at a loss for what to do next.
  9. snooper

    Snoopers New Grow-Space & Work Area #4

    :Namaste: Hello everyone! With the legalization now in Massachusetts I decided it was time to start investing in my grow space. As it's working out it also is becoming a great space to start my garden veggies along with my babies. My floor space is now approximately 4' x 4 1/2 feet. I added...
  10. N

    Nokes First Grow - CFL - Soil - Kandy Krush Strain - Help Welcome

    What's going on guys? Welcome to my first grow! I'm not really used to making a "journal" but I'll do the best I can lol. I've been all over this site learning as much as I can. Hopefully all goes well, it's a weed after all. I decided to go with CFL lights due to the size constraints...
  11. Prototype kid

    1st time grow - Would like a mentor

    Hi everyone I'm new here and persuaded myself to join up after reading through so many inciteful journals and comments . I'm currently on my 1st grow 5 days in, using a 1.2 mtr by 1.2 mtr tent , plant magic soil 300w cfl omega bulb on 4 0.75 cl pots 3 are amnesia kush and the other is...
  12. J

    Any help gladly accepted!

    Hi everyone! I'm new to all this. It feels abit like the old bill (police) are going to kick my door down lol. I'm on my 2nd grow. well my first was autos. Iv got a small tent 2x2x4 with ten Dream machine with a 600w hps. one week in any help/advice would be kindly accepted.:thumb::420::thanks:
  13. R

    New grower with some questions about hempy buckets

    Hey all, I'm going to be starting a new grow soon. (Yay for legalization in MA :goodjob:) I just had a few questions about hempy buckets and my current set up. I have an 4x4x7 tent. 1200w LED light. 6" 442 CFM Ducting Inline Fan Blower with carbon filter. I plan to start from...
  14. S

    First Time Grow

    I have no idea how to add photos! lets start with that little piece of Q&A. lol I need some general guidance. Wanted to try this. My setup is not scientific by any stretch. But, she seems to be doing ok. The medium is nothing special. It's a mix of sandy loam with leaf mulch. Nothing extra...
  15. S

    First Time Grow

    I have no idea how to add photos! lets start with that little piece of Q&A. lol
  16. olypenn

    Indoor Northern Lights Feminized - LEDs

    This is a new indoor grow and I will be filling in answers to these questions in time. Welcome any feedback. My 3rd indoor grow using LED's in a new space. Thanks. What strain is it? Northern Lights Feminized Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Just began on 11-05 Soil or Hydro? Soil Mix. If...
  17. ZeeTrees

    Zee - Durban Relief & Fainting Goat - 2016

    So I am currently starting a new grow. (Number 2) I have bought a bunch of equipment including a 4x3 gorilla tent with a 300W LED (I also have a small HPS150 if need be) for my plants to eventually move into. Currently have 6 seedlings in week 2 they just sprouted their first set of true leaves...
  18. F

    First Grow- 4x4 Tent - Soil/Coco - Pineapple Express/Pre-98 Bubba/Etc

    Hello 420 friends and family! First a little precursor: This grow is almost 4 weeks into flower, and I never got around to uploading the photos throughout the grow. Figured I would do it now and get advice and updates weekly. so, this first post will be all the pictures and info up to...
  19. 1

    New Grower in need of assistance

    Hey Guys, I have been doing way too much reading over the last few months and am still undecided. I have 5 seedlings all from feminized seeds. 3 are steve hurkle and 2 Black domina. They have been growing for 3.5 weeks indoors under t5 cool whites in 6" pots. I have acerage, and great locations...
  20. Zogrowsgreen

    Hello everyone - First T5 grow

    Hi everyone im zo. This is my first grow. Im growing 3- 4 plants indoor with a quantum t5 badboy 8 bulb fixture. Saw great results from a few growers in here and wanted to start my own grow for personal use. Currently using 5x5x6'6" tent 4ft 8 bulb t5 432/468 watts . Help and tips would be...
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