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Awesome thanks for the tips! I think im going to either try the raw or the berry! Im growing papaya MANGO so she already should have a fruity flavor and smell. Maybe ill get the raw so it doesnt affect any of her smell or taste...
Been meaning to ask how you like the kind line?!

Its my first nute line but I absolutely love it! You can kinda customize it and use what you need and want. I really have enjoyed the botanicare lineup and would LOVE to try the botanicare PRO line. Theres a lot more options in this lineup. But to be honest with the KIND line, Cal/mag and aquashield its a perfect setup for anyone. Even the first time growers as its so easy. Im always down to try any new methods or nutrients though so once these are used up i may try something new just to say i have!

Also the Botanicare nutes were really cheap in my opinion? I bought the whole kind line and cal/mag and aquashield for under $60? But I only purchased the quart sizes and they all are almost still full. Something of your standard you would need gallon sizes im sure!!

Ok everyone I just over nighted some Botanicare Sweet RAW. I will be adding this to my reservoir in the morning when i receive it! I went with the raw because it has no additives for flavor or color in it.. Hopefully over the next week flush it will really add on some weight and trichomes!

I may do an update tonight with some pictures so stay tuned!
I do a week to two week flush with plain ph water with botanicare sweet. Used to and still do occasionally use mollases. My first grow years ago it helped with weight. My dsd still uses it on his outdoor with great success. Also a prodcut by cutting edge solutions cslled sweet dee that works good. Ive also experimented with organic teas during flush to bring out a more organic flavor. And it worked fantastic. Tasted very earthy. Been awhile I dont remember what all I used. Alot of left over outdoor shit haha but ya for the price you cant beat mollases. Dont add too much in dwc or it will foam up.

I would not use molasses in a hydroponic or aeroponic system unless the molasses was part of Heisenberg Tea. Here is a recipe for Heisenberg Tea.

Tea recipe: How to get pearly white roots and accellerate vegetative growth - Blogs - 420 Magazine ®

Here is a recipe for a home made Clearex flushing solution

I mixed up the Clearex Flushing Solution suggested by Goldengoose7

in a large pot I combined:
1 gallon of distilled water
240 grams of Dextrose (Used for Beer Making)
120 grams of Sucrose (White Table Sugar)
3 grams Sodium Benzoate (as a preservative)
10 drops of Green Food Colouring

the Clearex Flushing Solution was allowed to cool and returned to the 1 gallon container.

I will use 15 millilitres per gallon of this Clearex Flushing Solution during my final flushing.





Sodium Benzoate


the final Clearex Flushing Solution

Day 84 from seed and day 56 of flowering!

Everything is coming along good. I do have quite a few burnt spots on my leaves so ignore those lol... Also a little heat stress on some. Getting those CFL's as close as possible! A lot of new growth especially on the lower buds. I posted a few pics with a tape measure so you can get a idea of the size of these buds and plant.

Trichomes: Almost ALL are cloudy now. On some of the older buds im seeing some amber at this point. It wont be long now... At least 50 percent of the pistils have turned brown except one of the big buds. I guess its hanging back on ripening haha! On the sugar leaves and smaller sugar leaves in the buds are at least 30 percent amber.

Over all i would say she is 3% amber and 97% cloudy with a few clears here and there. Ive been trying to check almost all the buds to see where they are.

Also wanted to thank everyone for the comments and help! Thanks KingJohnC for your detailed message! I will flush with plain water and the Sweet RAW when I get it!

Heres the few buds i harvest 2 days ago. They are almost dry i just cut them and placed them in a jar. Im monitoring the humidity and may place a humidipak in the jar for these few. I will taste test this weekend!



Ok now for PAPAYA!
This is what i see when opening the tent!



Left side of her..


Right side of her..


All these are different colas!





Heres the measuring tape! Not to bad for my little CFL's!





I put the measuring tape on the top of the reservoir! She tapes out at around 50 inches tall! (this is classified as a short plant from nirvana lol YEA RIGHT!)

Why the green food coloring in that tea?

The recipe I provided is for a home made Clearex flushing solution not for Heisenberg Tea. The green dye is added to distinguish the home made Clearex flushing solution from other solutions.
So i was just checking out Botanicare's website, researching new products and i just realized they have an AWESOME Nutrient Calculator for the Botanicare products.... All you do is put in what nutrients you have, your reservoir size, and vegging and flowering weeks and WHAM! It gives you ml or oz to add to your reservoir for each product and a feeding chart!! Even shows what the PPM in your reservoir is going to be!!! Talk about awesome!

Here is the link: Nutrient Calculator

I have been so satisfied with the botanicare customer service and products i believe im going to order the full line very soon. Im going to get all the different supplements they have along with there root products. I will keep you updated on this!

Ok everyone i dont really want to do a smoke report until I harvest and properly cure papaya...but ill do a small review so far... Those buds i took a week ago... wow... So ive been curing in a jar for a couple days. RH was around 70 so i took them out for about 15 mins yesterday. They are around 65% now. Still not quite dry. Ive been burping about every 4 hours or so not letting it get over 65... Its a very small amount but just wanted to get a good experience from it. So this bud is the stickiest bud i have ever touched or had.... I know its not all the way cured yet but WOW...I can roll a bud into a ball its so sticky and gooey! The initial smell is kinda a hay smell (not cured yet) but once you touch it the aroma is spread through the room! 24 hours after i initially cut it smells just like fruity jolly ranchers but after 48 of drying that smell was lost. Im hoping it comes back as i have read it takes a good cure for the smell to come back and to really get the smell and flavor. The smoke was amazing! its been 20 mins and i have a nice buzz so far on one hit with a small bud. Defiantly a head high instead of the couch lock experience i have had before. Im guessing because of the clear/cloudy trichs instead of amber. And im sitting here and realize im still rambling on lol..... Yep my work is paying off already! :Namaste:

Cant wait for the finished product and to get a good month or two cure on her!
"And im sitting here and realize im still rambling on lol..... Yep my work is paying off already!"

Now that is a sign of a very good grow ......:tokin:
Day 86 from seed and day 58 of flowering!

Ok everyone! Let me first say..... Last night.... WOW.. So I did my review on just the one hit and it was awesome... About a hour after(high was wearing off), I packed a bowl and finished it off.... Let me just say... This is some quality medicine. I was heavily medicated for a good 4 hours. It was for sure a great head high. Was not tired or anything. Actually I didnt even get the munchies, cotton mouth, Or dry eyes. Dry eyes is the one thing that ALWAYS gets me. To be honest I was actually thinking of cutting her last night... Thats how much i enjoyed her... The flavor was amazing and its not even cured yet. Im excited for the final product!....

Ok so! They are for sure some trichomes turning amber now! The buds thats closest to the light are ripening faster as some of the side buds are still cloudy. The stems are getting heavy and starting to lean over. The aroma in the tent has now actually started changing so i really know shes getting ready at this point. Im thinking im going to cut her around the beginning of next week if it keeps turning amber. I want her to ripen to her full potential. Ill keep you updated!

Botanicare Sweet Raw: Everything is looking good! She for sure is stacking on more trichomes. I dont know if its from the Sweet or just producing them. But if this product helps even the slightest its worth it in my eyes. No real way to test this product with just my one plant.

Keep you updated on the trichomes and harvest!

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