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That's a crazy set up man. I think you should just do yourself a favor and pickup a 600watt hps for your next grow.

Beautiful plants though, I think you'll be pulling around a half pound with this setup.

Thanks chib! My 600 watt HPS will be here Friday. :thumb:

Guess what i installed today!?!!? My 600 WATT HPS! Woo hoo! This thing is awesome!!! So bright. The heat coming from this is unbelievable! Im so excited to run this through the winter here.

My girls are still showing some deficiencies and im thinking its because i have not really gave them any nutes after 3 flushes. Im going to feed them this even with the watering. Bud production is still going good. Getting really frosty. I hope with this HPS they will start stacking on the weight!!!!

HPS is around 16 inches from the canopy.

Also i have already started something new 2 weeks ago but haven't said anything so i will post up some more info and link on that soon!

Here are some pics! Ill take more and better quality when i can. Been a busy day for me.



Wanted to comment also to let everyone know with the cool tube my tent is 2-4 degrees cooler than the CFL's after running for 3 hours!! This light is awesome so far!

Also wanted to let everyone know i have started another grow also! This time it will be LSD from Barney's Farm! Come on over and subscribe to that one also! As soon as papaya's are finished they will go in the tent with the 600 watt!

Barneys Farm LSD - Soil Mother - 600 Watt HPS

Ok everyone!!! I believe i possibly know whats going on with my girls! Maybe someone can help me out and confirm my statement. So ive been having low pH issues for a few weeks now. I only ever watered with 1/2 strength nutes and always watered with nutes, water , calmag , water and repeat in that sequence. Around the time I started flowering i saw tip burn on 10% of my fan leaves from both girls. So i immediately thought nute burn! I couldn't believe it because i only watered with nutes every 4th watering and at 1/2 strength! So over the past month since i saw it i have did 3 flushes with plane water. So my theory is that at the beginning i had a Potassium deficiency from very low N-P-K nutes which progression stages is burnt tips. (I miss judged this and though it was nute burn!!!) These girls are super hungry and its causing a pH in-balance in the soil because they are trying to feed.

Before my last watering im seeing Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and potassium deficiencies which i thought it was due to the low pH and locking out nutes. Since my last watering 1/2 nutes pH'ed to 6.8 these girls are turning back green and seeing less deficiencies!!!!! The run off was still in the 5.5 range but they loved the last watering. I havent fed these girls in at least 3 weeks.

So my solution: i bought some domolite lime powder and im going to top dress both with some and do a 3/4 nute feeding next watering. Hoping the lime will help stabilize the ph and the feeding will really help them.

Please give me some input if you think this sounds correct or your thought on it! I believe i have been starving my poor girls!!!!!!!!

P.S. The bud production is still very good! Just loosing a lot of fan leaves and a few on the colas. The buds have doubled in size since i installed the 600 watt HPS!!! I cant believe the power of this thing.

Pics to come later.

Pics! I circled a few to show some deficiencies. Its only a few fans at this point as im hoping i now have it under control with the last feeding. Im still open to input from my last post. Im hoping i have this figured out. Ill know after i add the lime and feed her more.


The buds are getting so nice and big! Looking good to me at 4 weeks flowering! Im installing my dehumidifier tomorrow as im spiking at 69% humidity at night with lights off.








Took the top layer of sand off and dressed the top of the soil with 5 tablespoons of domolite lime per plant and then put the sand back on top. Also fed with full strength nutes pH'ed to 6.6 at 1500ppm(1200ppm nutes)(300PPM pH up).

Lets give them a day or two and see how they react! Run off pH was still low in the 5.5 range and the ppm on the runoff was only around 1200 ppm. Im pretty sure i have been starving my poor girls.

Colas have doubled in size since I installed my 600 watt HPS 4 days ago. Its just unbelievable.

P.S. My Cooltube HPS is only raising the tent temps 6 degrees. Its 8-10 degrees cooler than my CFL's.

Dehumidifier installed and RH down to 40%!

Hope the changes fix you issues. I s it only a few spots or is it taking over the grow?
2BLgL, At the very end it was concerning me and knew i had to do something. Mainly because it started to get on the cola leaves and i didnt want it to effect my yield! But it was not taking over the grow just effecting i would say 5-10% of the leaves.

The last feeding and lime seems to have solved my problem! I was starving my poor girls when i thought it was a pH problem. The yellowing leaves are now back to green and no signs of new deficiencies at this time.

Bud production is in full effect and are now forming nice sized colas! They sure loved that full dose nute watering a few days ago. Next watering will be Monday most likely and i will water with plain water. I may post up some pics later so stay tuned!

hell yea!! looking sooooo bomb. love these pictures - such a level canopy - looking forward to seeing this finish
Looking good what week she in

This marks 5 weeks she has been flipped to 12/12. Only one week with the HPS today. These girls still have a good 4-5 weeks left! This pheno of papaya grows the most in week 6-7 and is when her Calyxes really start to swell. Its so exciting to think about and watch them grow! I like you comment about the HPS and how you can see changes daily! This is so true. Rapid growth!!!
looking beautiful there Hunter, keep up the awesome job.
Sorry I'm late. I'm in now. Caught up on all the reading.
Dude what a good looking grow. I love a good scrog!
Please go have a peek at mine, it's almost identical, I'm glad I have found another comparable scrog.
Things are looking good bro, let's see the final weeks, it's gonna be crazy.
I read through your first journal, growing the Papaya under your CFLs and was always wondering how nice they would look under some HID lighting.. so i went and bought a 10pack of Papaya to run under my 1200w of HPS.

Glad you've finally purchased an HID set up. You wont regret it!.. And a much better investment than LED's The electrical savings dont trump the loss in yield you will see from LED's.

I'll be following along on this journal.

May i make a suggestion about flushing?

Always flush with at least 3 times the amount of water as the container size. So 15gals of water should be used to make sure you are flushing the medium out properly
Thanks for joining!!! I always love getting new advice and helpful information! So glad you posted this as that was going to be one of my questions. Im also thinking about making KingJohnC's flushing solution when it comes time? What are your thought on a flushing solution GreenThumb?

I cleaned up a lot of the under growth and tried to clean some fan leaves up today. I actually did a small harvest as i had a lot of lower bud sites that didnt make it to the net. They were so tucked in I couldnt really see them until today. The screen is to small for these two big girls.... There were no more space for them to come through the net so they were pushed up to the stems and fan leaves and didnt go any further. Oh well the screen is still full! I actually cut 48 grams wet today and got them trimmed up and hanging to dry. I will post some pics hopefully tomorrow! Some of them looking pretty good with trichomes but a lot are not frosty due to no light. Hopefully this will add energy to my main buds for the rest of the grow. Im going on vacation tomorrow evening so i might have to wait till i get back! You guys are going to be surprised at the growth when i update!
my thoughts on flushing solution....

I have really good tap water :thumb: anywhere from 5-20ppm is what my tap water reads. Other than that, I dont bother with any flushing solutions.

About taking off your fan leaves...

I just did a blog post on defoliation earlier in the week and the myth behind it.

It can be alright in flower, but taking leaves off puts a bit of stress on the plant.. the more leaves you take, the more stress you put on the plant. instead, try just tucking leaves out of the way.. bend them or tie them even. Plants use their leaves for photosynthesis, which is pretty important when you are growing tasty buds on your plant.

taking off branches that will never make it to the canopy is more than okay, like you mentioned you did. These branches take energy away from growing big main colas, so take a couple at a time, never a whole bunch, or you will stall growth/bud production. One or two every few days throughout flower wont stall your plant out at all, and it will focus its energy on those main colas above the SCrog

Some people take off the lower fan leaves because they think they aren't getting any light, and therefore aren't useful. But these leaves store useful energy for flowering, in the form of carbs and sugars and other stored micronutrients that the plant uses up as your nutrient recipe changes in flowering.

Stress adds time to flowering as well, so if you are on a schedule, like some people are, then you dont want to stall your plant out while it heals.

Just some food for thought. Your Papaya looks lovely under that 600w HPS!!! It has me itching to pop my papaya's!!

I unfortunately just have too much going already!!
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