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Thanks for stopping by and checking out our grow Jbleez.
I just left your "flowering from cuttings" journal. Nice job there! We are going to seriously consider following your lead using our system. I'll be following that journal :reading420magazine:

Check out our NL grow (in my signature) for our proudest (and largest) CFL grow. It's the one named CFL Cabinet Grow. That was a fun grow. We're still smoking that harvest :grinjoint:

:yahoo: :peace:

just left your page again!
I really like your grows
I smoke...
then go and look at all the beautiful plants
life is good lol
Day 28 @ 12/12
4 weeks of flowering and things are coming along nicely. Waiting is the toughest part!




Looking beautiful clowns!!!!:cheer: Now we watch the room o bud grow!!!

:peace: brothers, +rep

this is my favorite time, basically just keep the tubs topped off and watch the buds get fat and once in a while change the mix. Little to no work :popcorn:
Bud everywhere. Gosh. You guys are very very consistant ;)

thanks, we try to be's either that or no buds for us and we can't have that :roorrip:
Decided this morning to do a fresh mix....

Day 31 @ 12/12
PPM - 1350
Ph - 4.9
Temp. 22.2c
GH Bloom mix week 8 (again)
+ Floralicious Plus



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