SkooterClowns - White Castle - Second Batch


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We are going to do our White Castle (Sliders) again.
These 2 moms are the children of our original mom. They will be ready to take some clones (we are going to take 8 and pick the best 4) later this week.

This Sliders grow is going to be different than the first one we did in 2 ways. First I am going to let them veg a bit longer. Now that we know how they grow and to what height, I know that we have room to let them get ~1 foot taller or more so they won't go into flower as quickly as we normally do. Second difference is that I will try not to cook them on the vine. We found, through trial and error, on the last grow that they don't do well when subjected to prolonged periods of extremely high heat. :)

What Nirvana says about White Castle:

Nirvana's White Castle is an F1 marijuana hybrid of two absolute winners. With a White Widow mother and our award-winning Ice for a father, White Castle marijuana seeds are as outrageous as one would expect. The sturdier, denser structure of Ice really thickens up the often light and wispy White Widow buds. White Widow's flavor, strength, and social high remain very present in this cannabis strain. Medical marijuana users are extremely fond of White Castle for its pain-killing properties.

Indica/Sativa: Hybrid
Plant type: Indoor
Plant height: Medium
Effect: High (head trip) yet stoned (body buzz)
Flavor: herbal / pine
Average yield: 400 - 500 (g/m² in SOG)
Flowering period: 8 - 10 weeks
White strain: Yes

White Castle
Currently growing out these moms.
GH week 3 (max grow mix)


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I'm in ....lets see how these friggin' clowns make out this time around..:slide:
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:popcorn: I'm in!
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Re: SkooterClowns - White Castle (second batch)

That's a very good DOES that happen? Probably the same reason why bin Laden is still alive...and we don't know that answer either.


Cannabis remains under a cloud of prohibition and the Bee Gees are free to terrorize several generations of Mankind! How the hell does that happen?! :Rasta:
Re: SkooterClowns - White Castle (second batch)

To quote (more like misquote) a line from Two And A Half Men "...why do you say freakin'? I know what you mean. I'm not a little kid anymore!" hehe random sitcom quotes....nah..I'm not stone outta my mind or anything!

I'm in early for this one! :popcorn:
These clown grows are freakin' awesome! :morenutes:
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I had to look up pretentious (after all I went to clown school not a "book learnin'" school)....ummmmm ouch hehehe

BTW - I can squirt the hell outta a smell of this one (hehehe)

How about less clowning around and more of a pretentious growing effort this time eh!? LOL kidding...I can't wait to see how this one turns out :popcorn: :thumb:
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