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Day 81 from seed and day 53 of flowering!

Everything is going good. Thought i would do a small update. The PPM is staying around the same range. PPM with water and nutes is around 720...

Trichomes are really starting to turn cloudy now. At least 75 percent are cloudy at this point. Still no ambers on buds... Only a few on the sugar leaves. Still waiting on flushing. I dont think i will add any more nutes to the reservoir. Im thinking a good 5 days before i start seeing ambers maybe a little longer. I will keep checking and let you know!

Hoping to start my flush this week and harvest the week after!

Also i have been noticing some of my leaves are getting burnt and i could not figure out what was going on! I finally figured it out! I have her tired up with strings going to the corners of my tent... Well when i close it up the fan is sucking the tent together and the stings get less tension and the buds are falling to the lights!!!!! Crazy things are happening since they are getting heavy haha! When i open the tent it goes back to normal so i couldnt figure it out. I looked through my window on the tent and saw it today. Otherwise i would have never figured it out. Didnt even think about it.

I was reading over on StealthGrow's journal that your DWC container is only 5gal? it sure looks much bigger actually. I have a White Widow in a 5gal bucket and it looks to be a fraction the size of your container.

you were saying that your water levels are being replaced 1-2 times a day as well..

i think thats crazy! i have a 5gal bucket i am growing in and fill it with about 16L of water.. which is about 4gal of water, and i dont need to refill the bucket for almost 2 weeks!! i refill with fresh nutes once a week, but if i wanted to, i could let her run a extra week without a top up.

whats your temps in your tent?
GreenThumb, Yes its a 5 gallon tote! I took a picture for you with a 1 gallon water bottle so you can get a better idea of size! It actually makes it looks small now with the 1 gallon jug LOL... But yes i fill it with 3 gallons of water for the proper water level.

My tent temps will hit 90 degrees on the hottest days. Reservoir temps are around the same or a little less. It will stay this temp for around 6 hours if it is that hot during the day. I have noticed on the cooler days water uptake is less so im sure a lot is due to the temps. It does make me wonder if the higher temps are making the plant uptake more nutes and water there for its growing a lot more than normal. Kinda like an outdoor grow. If its grown natural, temps outside will soar above 100 degrees!

Thats crazy you can go so long! Your temps must not get above 70!


haha i wish my temps never went over that.. but truth be told, my water hits almost 30 degrees sometimes! sorry.. 86f for others! i'm a canadian!!

no root issues. it averages probably 25-26 degrees or 77ish

i use aquashield in my reservoir and i have never had an issue with high water temperatures.
Haha yep! Mine are the same. I almost can see steam coming from my reservoir its so hot sometimes.... Ok a little exaggeration LOL..

Aquashield is a wonderful product!

So my PPM were on a slow rise since i added them. Even with adding water daily... Im also seeing more leaf tip burn. There is only 550-600 ppm of nutes in the reservoir. I went ahead and did a reservoir change and added plain water with aquashield. I think shes almost done and she knows it.... Im going to flush this week and most likely harvest this weekend or next week sometime. About 80-90% cloudy and getting riper by the day.


Ok so since this is my first grow im wanting to know all the effects of this strain. I decided to take the shortest smallest bud from the lower that i could find. This stem was only around 7 inches. Ive been checking the trichomes on this one bud all week until it was ready. They are 90% cloudy and 10% still clear. The sugar leaves have some amber. I want to test the high from different trichomes so i know when to harvest my soil girls...

I have this smaller bud hanging and drying in the dark with 45% RH! I was going to wait till early morning to take it but oh well... Only downfall is this bud will most likely not get a cure but maybe i can get a idea of the affects of this stage.

Here are some pics! One hour after cut i can smell a very fruity smell... This smell only comes out after the cut for some reason....




Looks might tasty Hunter ...... I bet your gonna feel real good when you try it out.
I took samples at various stages of Trichome color or flower ripeness during my first grow, too. I think it's extremely beneficial to learn from personal experience the effects different levels of flower maturity provide anytime you grow a new strain. It helps us first timers understand what too early really looks and feels like helping to prevent future premature harvests as well as helping to dial in future grows of the same strain.

At the cost of a few grams the true value of knowledge to be gained is priceless.

I hope you find the answer to your question.

My temps in reservoir are hot too, 26'C always in day, it is way to high, and my plant is drinking like crazy, because of these temps. That is really not a problem, bigger problem is to get root rot. So far it's prevented by changing all nutes once a week and adding agrobacteria and GHE FloraKleen and GHE Mineral Magic - all that shit does not let mold fungi to set it's colonies on roots. I really recommend some of that or similar stuff, if nute temps are high, otherwise root rot can really destroy all your hard work. Aquashield also sounds interesting, i'm going to read about it, as im not familiar with that, did not see any in hydroponics stores in EU where im buying stuff. Anyway, i chose shit, that not only protects but also gives some good stuff to plant and does not allow salt build ups.
BTW great and beautiful buds, i want to touch em and fell the smell of them, so snowy and tasty they seems :D
Are you flushing with straight water? Using any carbohydrates?

Just plain water... I have nothing to add for flushing this grow... Whats your take on flushing and do you have any experience where it helped your grow? Im very interested in this and would love to try new methods for future!

Just plain water... I have nothing to add for flushing this grow... Whats your take on flushing and do you have any experience where it helped your grow? Im very interested in this and would love to try new methods for future!-

I do a week to two week flush with plain ph water with botanicare sweet. Used to and still do occasionally use mollases. My first grow years ago it helped with weight. My dsd still uses it on his outdoor with great success. Also a prodcut by cutting edge solutions cslled sweet dee that works good. Ive also experimented with organic teas during flush to bring out a more organic flavor. And it worked fantastic. Tasted very earthy. Been awhile I dont remember what all I used. Alot of left over outdoor shit haha but ya for the price you cant beat mollases. Dont add too much in dwc or it will foam up.
Nwgrower420, What sweet do you use? Would you recommend the Sweet Raw or something like sweet berry? Im thinking about ordering some right now i can receive it by friday.

I used the sweet berry, havent tried the raw personally or heard much.. I think your girls would love some sweet berry or sweet dee! :volcano-smiley:
Thanks for the tips! Im also curious about the molasses. If i decide to go with the molasses instead how much per gallon should i use? Sorry should have ask this question also. You have me researching now and im seeing where molasses works wonders also!
No problem. I used 1 tbsp/gallonish haha give or take. If you have a really airrated res then dont use any more then that! I just use botanicare sweet berry now. Might try the sweet citrus this round.
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