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:welcome: one, :welcome: all!

Greenthumb J is back with a new journal. This one wont really have an end to it, unless i decide to leave 420mag haha.

Most people already know the set up i am running and how i grow my plants, but for those who are new comers, or others who simply dont remember, i will break it all down for ya. I'm actually changing things up slightly, so i will actually go over everything.

So lets get started!!

Veg tent:

I use a 4'x8'x6.5' Iponic Zone Grow tent. Its a Chinese-made tent, which, surprisingly for the price i paid, is top quality! I wish it was taller however, like the Gorilla Grow tents, but those are simply way out of budget!

in the Veg tent for lighting i have a 600w MH sitting in an open reflector on the left side of the tent. On the other side of the tent i have a 220w ProLight 4ft 4-bulb T5HO fixture. I also have a small 24w T5HO that sits on top of a humidity dome for sprouts and cuttings.

Left (MH) Side:

Right (T5) Side:

The T5 and Humidity dome is hidden behind the Big T5

I have no exhaust for this tent as it stays open at all times. I have a 4ft, 3 fan tower fan in the corner for air movement in the tent.

Flower Tent:

The Flower tent is of the same brand, only its an 8'x8'x6'5 tent. In this tent i run 4x 600w CoolTube Reflectors with HPS bulbs, and a 165w (95w actual draw) LED, cause one corner is a little dark for my liking.

There is a 6" inline fan used with a 9"x21" carbon filter (6" flange for ducting). The fan is rated for 440CFM, and is more than enough for this particular tent. I also have a clip on fan for air movement, as well there is cool air intake coming from a 4", 190CFM fan that scrubs the air in my drying tent. The tent temps are considerably lower than the flowering tent, so this really helps keep my temps down in the Flower tent.

ALL 4 CoolTubes are air-cooled by a single 6" inline fan, that is rated for 440CFM.

The tents average temperature is 22c at lights on. In the video i post below this, you'll see a hygrometer that says 32c. This is only cause i had moved my hygrometer directly under a HPS bulb while i was sweeping the floors, and moving things I have since moved it to its stand where i take my temp readings from.

I made a video last night that explains a lot of what i'm doing, and goes over all the strains that i have to grow.

What i didn't mention in the video is the strains that i have in seed form, waiting to be germinated.

So in lieu of that fact, i will now post all the strains that i am growing, or that i have in seed form!

Currently Growing:

In Flower:
1x White Widow (Last run)
2x Dinafem OG Kush
2x BC Bud Depot Girl Scout Cookies

In Veg:
4x Unknown Pink Kush (clones)
3x BCBD GSC (clones)
2x Dinafem OG Kush (clones)
1x Bomb Seeds THC Bomb
1x Nirvana Papaya
1x Humboldt Seed Organization Blueberry Headband (freebie)

In Seed:
1x Delicious Seeds Caramelo (Freebie)
1x Delicious Seeds Cheese Candy (Freebie)
1x Dinafem Blue Kush
1x Dinafem Critial + (Freebie)
1x Reserva Privada Kosher Kush
2x Reserva Privada Strawberry Banana

For an Upcoming Journal i'm doing with Cannabis 1 i also have some beans of a strain i'm already growing.
3x Dinafem OG Kush
I also purchased 2 new THC Bomb seeds cause we were originally going to do that for our journal so,
2x Bomb Seeds THC Bomb
From a bag of really good bud i had, i found,
4x OG Kush x Purple Hindu Kush

Needless to say, i'm stocked for strains for a LONG time.

I use straight tap water (pH 7.0, PPM 5) conditioned with dechlorinator.

I have recently switched from the General Hydroponics 3-part Flora Series nutrient line to the locally-based, Technaflora brand of nutrients. I am now using their BC Hydroponics line, using my own recipe for even more success haha.

I also no longer brew beneficial teas. I have found greater results using the products in their suggested use, than i have wasting time bubbling water.

The products i now use for root maintenance are:

Gen Hydro's Subculture-M, Mycorrhizal Root Inoculant

Subculture-B, Bacillus Root Inoculant

Both i use as root drenches, 3 times a week. I mix up 4gals of water and i add 1 TABLESPOON of Subculture-M and i give to each plant i have. The Next Day, i mix up 4gals of water and i add 1 TEASPOON of Subculture-B and give to each plant i have as well.

I administer these products AFTER i have hand-watered my plants with nutrient solution for the day.

I also use Botanicare's Aquashield (or Hydroguard) ONLY as a foliar spray now. I add 9oz of dechlorinated tap water into a spray bottle and add 15mls of Aquashield (or Hydroguard) and generously spray the top side of all the leaves.

By using these products like this, i have seen whiter roots, much faster root development, faster, bushier plant growth and i am transplanting my plants much sooner than i was before. I usually go about 2 weeks before having to transplant a plant up container size because its getting root bound.

I also have a 1000w+ Self Automated Grow box, which i Journal separately, but i might show from time to time in this Journal.

Anyways folks, i think thats all i have for print, i will let the video i made last night do some more talking!

Thanks everyone who follows along, and be prepared for some shenanigans i'm sure, as well as some really awesome buds being grown!!

Feel free to ask me any question, or request any sort of video you have an idea for. I will do my best to get it done for you!

Happy New year Everyone! Best of Luck and big buds to you all in 2015!


-GreenThumb J
Looking great GT! I'll be along for the ride as usual.
Welcome gentlemen, glad to have you all along!

This should be a great year for me. I plan to pull in some seriously large plants, with plans to do a recirculating top feed with a plant in a 15+gal container, with goals of 2+Lbs dried from one plant. It will happen!!
I'm here GT, rock on.
Epic?? OH you know it Dusty! I got plans in the works designing a 20gal(of medium!) recirculating top feed system that will hold an 8ft wide plant, under a scrog of course!

Welcome back 60, glad to have you along again!
Hey everyone.

I know in my last few posts in my other journals, as well as the OP in this thread, i mentioned no longer making beneficial teas.

I couldn't be more serious about it!

I filled up 4gals in a bucket of water, added 0.4ml of my water conditioner and mixed thoroughly to remove the chlorine, then added 1tbsp of Subculture-M to my water, mixed it up with a metal whisk and poured it on all my plants. Less than 10 mins total.

Now i have time to sit and relax and browse 420mag all night!

Tomorrow i will do the same with my Subculture-B!

On a side note now that i'm talking about Subculture-B, i have actually stopped using Aquashield, even as a foliar spray, for the last couple weeks now. The reason being, is that Subculture-B has all the same strains of bacillus bacteria that Aquashield does, only more, plus added trichoderma as well.

I'll do a side by side test to see if theres any difference between using only Aquashield as a foliar spray on one plant, and using only Subculture-B as a root drench on another plant.
Looking forward to the results GT.
I notice they don't even have aquashield listed on their site anymore theres a new product called hydroguard
at least for hydro
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