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Alright I have another journal going with 6 auto flowers, and have been updating through there, but now I've decided since these are different techniques and a different type of plant altogether that I would start a new thread. In a month or so when I harvest my Autoflowers I will be dropping even more seeds, as well as doing some cloning, but for now this is what we have going on:

Plants/Date Sprouted:
1x Barney's Farm Tangerine Dream - 2/01/2014
1x Green House Seeds Super Lemon Haze = 2/01/2014
1x Dinafem White Widow - 2/02/2014
4x Headband - 2/27/2014 (Not yet sprouted)

Soil: My mixture is - 2x Fox Farms Ocean Forest to 1x Fox Farms Light Warrior

Pot: 5 Gallon Square Pots

Nutrients: General Hydroponics Flora Series, Advanced Nutrients Big Bud

Lights: 600 Watt HPS, adding another 600 watt HPS

Grow Tent: 36" x 36", adding a 50" x 50"

Fan: 2x 240 CFM 6" Ventech fans, 1x Ventech Carbon Filter

My basic short term goal is to find a strong male in my four Headband seeds, store his pollen and apply it to a single bud on my tangerine dream, starting a line of strains I'd like to attempt working with. For example I would call this first breed "Michaelangelo", because I think tangerine = orange = orange headband, and anybody that watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as a kid knows Michaelangelo, and he wore a orange headband, I'll be looking to generate a "shell shocked" high.
Here we are at around 3 weeks old

White Widow


Tangerine Dream


Super Lemon Haze

and that super lemon haze does look like a little bit of nute burn. If you used strait up fox farms ocean forest I have had that burn a number of my plants on separate occasions, never killed one though and once the plants gain some toughness they love it. Just make sure you adjust the PH because I have had bags of ocean forest that are 7+ PH
have you tried flushing her with PH water? You can water with twice the volume of the pot with just PH water and then dont water until pot is dry. let me see if i can direct someone over here to confirm it though, may not be needed. How tall is the SLH?
Subscribed. I would flush your Super Lemon Haze with at least twice the volume of pH adjusted water as your pot size. You want pH 5.8 for hydroponic and soiless (peat moss and coco coir) and pH 6.5 for soil.
The flush should get rid of any nutrient salt buildup in your medium and reset your pH to a proper range. I believe you are experiencing a browser error, I would reboot your computer and try to post your photographs again. If the error persists I would report it to this forum.

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