SJ's Multi-Strain Journal 2014


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Hello there, my english isn't the best but I'll try.
Anyways welcome to my second grow!
I didn't make any journal about my first grow, but some of the plants will be included.
I'd love tips, criticize, and everything that can improve my growth.
An other thing, I'll be a little busy working, entertain my daughter & wife, but I'll try to update atleast once or twice a week.
I'm really enjoying building stuff, so you will see alot of DIY Stuff!
Okay, let's get started..

Seedling tent: Mammoth dark propagator 90x60x60cm

Veg tent: Mammoth dark propagator 90x60x60cm (Still waiting for it.. I'm using the vegs and seedlings in same tent temporairly..
Air IN: passive intakes only
Air OUT: None atm
Lights: (18/6 Cycle)
2x 15w LED Panels
1x 35w fluorescent 2700k
1x 35w fluorescent 6500k
Plants in tent:
Maui Wowie
Amnesia Haze
Hollands Hope
Mango Haze
Lemon Kush
White Widow
Aurora Indica
Early Durban
California Special
Big Bomb
Super Skunk
Arjan's Strawberry haze (FIMMED early now she got 2 tops :D)
Arjan's Haze #2
Arjan's Haze #3 (Another one)
Arjan's Ultra Haze #2
..and 1x Durban Poison Clone

I'm also waiting for some autos to germinate for my other project.
Autoglowering SOG, I'll also try to lst some of the autos, whats your opinion about that?
Here is a list of the seeds:
4x 60 days Wonder
4x 60 days Lemon
2x LowRyder
2x Blue Cheese Auto
1x 7dwarfs Mix (1of7 random seed)
2x Durban Poison REG
4x Afghan Kush REG
(Forgot to mention that before there were a trio, DP, AH#3 & a Afghan Kush.
The Afghan Kush became a hermie, duuudeee I was so sad that day...
I tortured IT, drowned it for 10min, slowley cut one branch in time (About 45-50 branches), chopped IT to a billion pieces. Thx for 2 months of space, time & work waste!!! Yea I know hermies produce buds, but they also produce seeds. No seeds in my budjars end of story.
But the thing is.. I loved that hashy smell, so I will give Afghan Kush ONE more try. And I also bought a microscope :D

Flowering tent: Homebox PAR+ 120x120x200cm
Air IN: 105 m³
Air OUT: 187m³, Prima Clima Carbon Filter,
DIY Ona-Gel Odor-control at the end
Lights: (12/12 Cycle)
125w 6500k CFL in a DIY Cooltube (Yes, I will upgrade to 2700k)
3x 45w CFL, I'm waiting for some Ufo leds I ordered from eBay, I really hope they arrive soon!
Plants in tent:
Durban Poison in a DIY Aeroponic+DWC changing water once a week.
Arjan's haze #3 in soil 40L~ Smartpot LSTed the s**t out of her.
Both plants are under same ScrOG-net, sorry for the ghetto style, will be an update when I got time.
Durban Poison Clone
Malawi Gold from seed
Arjan's Ultra Haze #2 - FIMMED & LST

Aurora Indica

Swiss Cheese

Pineapple Punch

Amnesia haze

Arjan's Haze #3 (Second AH3 from seed)

Mango Haze

California Special

Early Durban

Big Bomb

Durban Poison clone

Hollands Hope

Maui Wowie

Arjan's Haze #2

Arjan's Strawberry Haze (FIMMED, will try out Flux method later)

White Widow

Super Skunk
Flower Tent
Durban Poison mother root-structure, Aeroponic & DWC

Durban Poison Flowering under ScrOG

Vent, Carbon Filter

Arjan's Haze #3 Overview

Malawi Gold (12/12 Since seed)

My DIY cooltube :)

Arjan's Haze #3 Branches

My DIY cloner, waterpump dripper & DWC

2x 25w CFL 2700k

Durban Poison Clone (flowering)

Some closeups of the pistills etc, can't wait to smoke her! Love the smell omg its like liqourice/Woody smell
Still waiting for:
Ufo LEDs
T-Shaped Dripper connectors
Soil Testers for Moisture, PH & Temp
Water Pump for EBB & Flood project maybe?
- Water Pump sponge filter
- Air Stones for more DWC buckets
Float Disk for Mist Maker for cloner
Air Humidifier/Purifier
Drying rack
PVC pieces for Aero system & a more serious ScrOG


I'm wondering is there anyone else whos doing similuar journals?
Is this to much?
How often should i fed then with nutes in Hydro?
Atm I changing water once a week, then just add nutes. Is this good? Or is this harmful?
I have about 40 more seeds different strains, mostly IBL landraces.
Planning to make some seeds for next year outdoor season hehe.
But I think It'ill be to many balls in the air at the same time. But the thing is about 30-35x seeds are REG's :s
I'm sorry to tell you guys who's been following my journey.

At friday me and some friends partied pretty hard.
One blue pill led to another, I ended up OD'd and spent 3 days at the hospital.
My mother and my wife cleared my grow area, and they decided to put my babies into the basement.
Some of them died, some of them looking f*ck'd, but some did survive.
I'll post some pictures later today.
The temp in the basement was 18C. humidity as low as 25%.
In the tent it usally is 23-25C & Humidity 40%.
Hope that she not getting to shocked.
I didnt fed her for 4 days, so I gave her a watering.
I'll wait 3 more days then give her nutes.
Hopefully she's going back to normal.

It must be the humidity and temp causing this right?
I see no signs of pests so far, *knock on wood*
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