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durban poison

  1. George Mc

    The Summer Of George

    Hello 420, I'm getting this journal started early, the grow won't start for another couple of weeks. But here's the setup that I'm going to be using. A closet that measures 5x5. A 6in extractor fan with carbon filter and rheostat. One 8in oscillating fan on the floor. Fox Farm ocean forest soil...
  2. Seeds arrived!

    Seeds arrived!

    Ohh boy! Seeds arrived, been wanting to grow these for a while. Three each of Durban Poison, and Jack Herer, one freebie each of Triple Cheese, Critical Orange Punch, and my most coveted Franco's Lemon Cheese. Now I have two Franco's.
  3. M

    Plant leaves showing light brown spots, not sure what it is?

    Hello, I am growing Durban Poison and the plant is showing small brown spots. Plant is growing light green as well. Went great the first week. On day 3 of second week and these spots have popped up. Here’s the details: - DWC -water kept at 68 degrees (although it ran hot first week at about...
  4. Katins

    Katins's Sativa Micro Grow Adventure: Durban Poison

    Hey everyone, so here goes my sativa in a box adventure :) Hopefully it is a female, as the seed is a gift from a friend who got it years ago on a trip to Amsterdam and that is all the info I have got on it :) It is a soil grow, under a single QB120 board in a 2 cubic feet size box. I plan on...
  5. GrowGirl63DurbanPoison03.JPG


    6 Durban Poison, and 2 Feminized Freebie seeds at 7 weeks of veg
  6. GrowGirl63DurbanPoison02.JPG


    6 Durban Poison, and 2 Feminized Freebie seeds at 7 weeks of veg
  7. GrowGirl63DurbanPoison01.JPG


    6 Durban Poison, and 2 Feminized Freebie seeds at 7 weeks of veg
  8. GrowGirl63

    First Grow, Ever: Durban Poison Organic Soil 5 Gallon Pots 7 Weeks Veg

    Hello, This is my first grow, ever! I have 6 Durban Poison and 2 plants I call GYOF (GYO Seedbank Freebies). They are 7 weeks into veg. I'm getting ready to put the first layer of netting down in a couple of days. My soil is my own recipe that I made completely from 100% organic components...
  9. C

    Durban Poison 2 1/2 weeks into seedling

    I’m a first time grower lol idk why i chose durban poison to grow indoors but oh well. I tried to look for pics on the seedling stage for this type of strain but i cant find any. So my question is .. is this growing right? Lmao it doesnt have leaves so im thinking i got duped on the seeds. But...
  10. aceknight

    1st Durban Poison x OG Kush

  11. IMG_5687.JPG


    December 1 2018 - Durban Poison (Dutch Passion)
  12. Raze58

    7 weeks in flower Durban Poison, is it ready?

    This is my Durban at 7 weeks in flower. I took the best genome of alall my Durban and cloned it to get these beauties. The genome seems to be a sped up durban that buds much faster. Durbans usually 10 weeks flower. This is 7 weeks today. Does it look ready to harvest to you?? I am...
  13. CEBCE779-370D-4466-8D15-A71D028308BC.jpeg


    Durban Poison F/CKS second day in soil.
  14. R

    First Grow: Northern Light A/F & Durban Poison F

    I will soon move my seeds to soil. They’re lying between paper towels... 4 northern lights autoflowering feminized and 1 Durban Poison feminized. They are two days old. I bought basic turf soil from flower shop and mixed it with some backyard soil. I guess it was a little too dirty. Smells...
  15. Momma’s Kitchen

    Durban Poison

    Has anyone had finicky Durban Poision? Some plants from the beginning looked like they were dying, others grew strong. However all the buds look good so far... so odd. Anyone else had that experience? I don’t like the supplier I got them from. Genetics? Hang on for pictures
  16. IMG_0241.JPG


  17. DP - DPd.png

    DP - DPd.png

  18. B

    Cali Orange Kush/Haze & Durban Poison at 14 weeks - Smells awesome!

    Here are my Cali O and Durban poison at 14 weeks...this is my 3rd grow... :)
  19. B

    When do I switch to 12/12

    Here are my 8 week cali og kush/haze 1st pic and durban poison 2nd pic. my other grow was auto so I don't know with these when to switch to 12/12. I only put them outside when the weather permits like today otherwise they are in a tent under led's
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