durban poison

  1. Raze58

    7 weeks in flower Durban Poison, is it ready?

    This is my Durban at 7 weeks in flower. I took the best genome of alall my Durban and cloned it to get these beauties. The genome seems to be a sped up durban that buds much faster. Durbans usually 10 weeks flower. This is 7 weeks today. Does it look ready to harvest to you?? I am...
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    Durban Poison F/CKS second day in soil.
  3. R

    First Grow: Northern Light A/F & Durban Poison F

    I will soon move my seeds to soil. They’re lying between paper towels... 4 northern lights autoflowering feminized and 1 Durban Poison feminized. They are two days old. I bought basic turf soil from flower shop and mixed it with some backyard soil. I guess it was a little too dirty. Smells...
  4. Momma’s Kitchen

    Durban Poison

    Has anyone had finicky Durban Poision? Some plants from the beginning looked like they were dying, others grew strong. However all the buds look good so far... so odd. Anyone else had that experience? I don’t like the supplier I got them from. Genetics? Hang on for pictures
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  6. DP - DPd.png

    DP - DPd.png

  7. B

    Cali Orange Kush/Haze & Durban Poison at 14 weeks - Smells awesome!

    Here are my Cali O and Durban poison at 14 weeks...this is my 3rd grow... :)
  8. B

    When do I switch to 12/12

    Here are my 8 week cali og kush/haze 1st pic and durban poison 2nd pic. my other grow was auto so I don't know with these when to switch to 12/12. I only put them outside when the weather permits like today otherwise they are in a tent under led's
  9. HashGirl

    HG & FP's Summer 2017 Grow - Freedom - CB Dutch Treat - Durban Poison

    Good afternoon. Felonious and I are starting our summer grow and thought we would start a new grow journal. THE STRAINS: Felonious germinated and planted 2 Freedom Dreams on May 1. Freedom Dreams are all CBD (<1% THC) seeds that were given to Canadians who signed up for them through Overgrow...
  10. Van Stank

    1st Grow - Alaskan Thunderfuck x4 - Durban Poison - Blue Kush & Blueberry In Kindsoil

    Hey all!! Just started my first grow a little more than a week ago. I am growing (4) Alaskan Thunderfuck seeds (Regular seeds as the feminized were sold out....and I want at least 1 female), (1) Durban Poison, (1) Blue Kush, and (1) Blueberry (free seed). I am doing all them in a 4x4x6.5'...
  11. V

    Hello all

    Hello Vapinmofo here. I have traveled all over Africa looking for the Best weed. I have been using pot for 40 years. I love edibles. I will NOT smoke weed. I only Vaporize. My favorite Vaporizer is the CRAFTY. I like INDICA and sativa but since EVERYTHING (well mostly like 90%) is a hybrid...
  12. S

    First Time Grower Trying 3 Plants!

    Hi I am a new to all this, first time grower trying out 3 different plants, Durban poison (germinating greenhouse way) 1 special queen #1 and a special kush #1 (germinated in water then planted) only reason I am try 3 is to try and learn from one plant to the next, no sure if 3 is a tall order...
  13. S

    Adding nutes?

    Hi hoping to get a little help here, I've got a Durban poison germinating away nicely but one question I can't get answered is about nutrients, I know when to add them but no idea how much at a time I give the plant, is it like a watering or just a few little sprays over the soil? I'm tempted to...
  14. S

    SJ's 2nd Grow - Durban Poison Clone Project

    Tent: Mammoth dark propagator 90x60x60cm Air IN: Passive intakes Air OUT: None Lights: 125w 2700k, DIY Cooltube Light Cycle: 18/6 Temp: 24-26 Room Humidity: 60-70% pH: 5-5.5 EC: -tba- Strain: Durban Poison Type: 100% Sativa Amound: 6 Clones, all rooted 11/11 -14 Medium: Coco...
  15. S

    SJ's Multi-Strain Journal 2014

    Hello there, my english isn't the best but I'll try. Anyways welcome to my second grow! I didn't make any journal about my first grow, but some of the plants will be included. I'd love tips, criticize, and everything that can improve my growth. An other thing, I'll be a little busy working...
  16. Epicannabis

    Epicannabis - Soil — LowRyder Hindu Kush Critical Cure — 2014

    Colleagues, Now that my only son is 18, becoming an individual, I have less to worry about the example I set and can revisit one of my passions that I had to set aside 18 years ago in California – growing cannabis at home. This grow journal is a bit atypical in that half of it is passed for...
  17. B

    Is it time for 12/12 in my ScroG?

    Hey guys, I've got some Sativas growing (Dutch Passion Outlaw and Durban Poison) and I've been told to fill the screen about 60% before turning 12/12, and as this is my first ScroG and first overall grow, I'm not quite sure if it's the time yet. I dont know if my plants stretch alot or not so I...
  18. S

    High from South Africa

    Hello Everyone. Im sadha, this is my first post here, I have been reading this forum for the past week and I am very surprised at the wealth of information available for growing your own plant. I have been smoking weed for about 5 years now. Im quite tired of the Durban Poison and Swazi...
  19. space cadet

    Durban Poison First Grow In Soil - CFL - 400W HPS

    OK, so... Considering the recent prices / crap quality of the weed i decided to grow some of my own. I got some Dutch Passion feminised Durban Poison (100% sativa) seeds and i'm currently vegging them in temporary cardboard growbox under 3 23w 6500k CFLs: Seeds were germinated in paper...