GreenThumb J's Perpetual Multi-Strain Journal!

Ok, ok everyone. Let's pull out the peace pipe.

Canal, we here at 420 mag consider this our grow community as opposed to a grow site & have debates as opposed to arguments. Members here disagree with one another everyday but in a peaceful manner. I for one read some interesting points in your posts & you did apologize for what some of us might consider aggressive behavior. This is J's journal & he sets the rules here but I think he was a little vexed which caused him to tell you to keep your comments to yourself. In the short time that I've cyber-friended him he's been one of easiest going gents here to me.

Greenthumb J, Let's be good 420 members & give our new members a chance to get use to the way we communicate around here. Your growing methods are impressive to say the least & you have no one to prove anything to but yourself. As I always say; "The proof is in the budding".
It's your decision to make if you prefer someone not comment on your journal but in the spirit of :420: politeness I hope we can all get along.

Now let's all smoke up! :passitleft::passitleft::passitleft::passitleft::passitleft:
hey guys.. i wont be updating as much as i'm playing catch up around here with the grow box running dry on me and dying and harvesting my last plant in the tent.

I just want to say, i would like to move past this. we are all mature adults here right? Canalchemist, all i have to say is if you read my posts, i never talked shit or took away from anyones growing abilities, never claimed to know everything and never told people what to do. AND never claimed to grow organically.. You have your right to speech and voicing your opinion, as am i. i felt the need to defend myself as i felt like i was being accused of things i was not saying.. plain and simple. We can misread, misunderstand any time.. it happens, we're all human.. i require no apology. i just say we put this behind us and keep growing the plants we do..

BTW 60 doesn't live in BC!! :allgood:


I'm about to do the PM wash on the last OG i have in the tent, and i have to make a quick comment on it before i do..

IF anyone has the chance to make a seed order and wants a good kush, get this strain. Dinafem OG Kush. The two seeds i had were two different phenos, but both amazing!

Both are caked in trichomes and this one i'm about to chop smells like lemon diesel fuel.. mmmm its intoxicating. A lovely mix of the Chemdawg and the Lemon Thai in the genetics, and i'm sure one hell of a kush stone to it

Okay folks.. see you all around.. i'll be here lurking dont worry!!
Okay.. i'm back again.. :rofl:

very short post again, and i'm just raving about this OG once more haha..

i'm gona definitely go with what TheCapn calls it and thats OMG.. because each time i look at it, thats what i say..

Despite the leaves affected by mildew and many of the leaves that have died from being spent of stored nutrients, the rest of the leaves went a beautiful purple and is actually gorgeous.. the smell like i said is one of a kind..

theres plenty of "Og kush" that goes around here, but i'm convinced this is the real "Ocean Grown" kush that originated in california.. i am dying to taste this phenotype.. And i will let you know how it goes!!
no argument from me as I said in an earlier post I grew a dinafem og kush
and I had nothing but good things to say about it
only one thing I wish it grew a bit bigger :rofl: more height than anything tho was a short stout plant with lots of branching
Yea i know Cronic.. i just had to let everyone know again!! :rofl: One of the phenos i had was crazy stretchy, the other one i'm about to chop, stayed much shorter..

Anyways. i'm about to go check my branches i washed last night/this morning. I have to say, once i had them hanging up the mildew was noticeably gone.. any bits that i could see i know was sterilized in the washing process..

I will post some pictures shortly of the OG..

Okay.. well, i've actually checked the branches and they look awesome. I'm going to trim them up once i return from the post office from picking up my BHO equipment!
I would suggest starting at 3/4 strength and work your way up to see how much your plants can take..

Eventually you will get the feel for what your plants like.. you can always tinker with the recipe too..

I stopped in at the grow store the other day and got some Cal/Mag+ cause i ran out, and the guys there were bugging me that i had my Awesome Blossoms and Sugar Daddy waiting for me to pick up (still gotta pay for it hah). They mentioned that other people actually ended up asking to have some Sugar Daddy brought in for them as there was a 10L jug of it sitting next to my 4L jugs.

What i like about their "Recipe for Success" is that its super simple. The only thing i'm not sure of is if there is any silica in their formulas, as i cant remember on the bottle. I still supplement with addition silica in the form of ArmorSi from GH anyways, so no big deal if they don't!!

I like technaflora, so +reps for you sir, cause why not?
Okay, so i have those pictures of the last OG i'm chopping right now.

Dont mind the dead yellow leaves, keep in mind this plant has been flushing for 14 days now. I wish i cared to trim them away, but we've all flushed a plant and have had leaves die.. is what happens. What i really love is the purple, and how much trichomes are on the buds.

So here you are, some photos for ya!


And a couple close ups!

Heres a couple pictures of plants in a tote of Hydrogen peroxide bath water.. why not?

Uh okay guess i only had one. Anyways i used about a cup and a half of h2o2 to 4gals of water.. then had a separate bath of fresh clean water to rinse the buds off, then i dipped them in another bath of clean water.. didn't want to blast them with my sink sprayer as that may knock trichome heads off more than what i'm already doing with this wash.

I then hung them off my lights and positioned an air intake duct directly at them and 2 other oscillating fans blowing in the direction of the buds.. about 12 hours later they are now feeling like i just cut them off the plant, except for the wilted fan leaves that were dead before going into the wash.. the PM doesn't appear to be present upon examination of the buds and leaves with a jewelers loupe.

I do not want to have to resort to this again, as its a real PITA, and takes up my time that i already dont have a lot of. I will be taking preventative measures to prevent any future PM outbreaks once the apartment is all cleaned up and such..

But this just goes to show, that if you get hit with powdery mildew just before harvest and dont wanna spray shit on your buds, this is something that worked for me..

Search it up on YT.. TheCapn emailed me the video and it was by Jorge Cervantes, who needs no introductions as to his skills and knowlege about growing cannabis. Do what you can to prevent it, but sometimes shit happens right?

Anyways... off to trim that plant you see above!

**Edit** i did not leave the lights on while i dried the branches in case anyone was wondering.
It does call for silica during most of the veg and flower stages. Also comes with Route 66, and a couple bottles of thrive alive red and green. I'm going to do my best to follow the recipe, but being only my 2nd grow, I might just keep it simple and stick to the boost, bloom and grow. I am also able to get recharge which I know you and the capn both suggest. Thanks again..
Nice job on the PM GT!! I'll also look for the video.
Congrats J.
It does call for silica during most of the veg and flower stages. Also comes with Route 66, and a couple bottles of thrive alive red and green. I'm going to do my best to follow the recipe, but being only my 2nd grow, I might just keep it simple and stick to the boost, bloom and grow. I am also able to get recharge which I know you and the capn both suggest. Thanks again..

No No.. what i mean is that the Technaflora line of nutrients has no addition of silica, and they do not make any silica products it appears. So i would highly suggest using a silica supplement like GH ArmorSi which is actually stronger than Silica Blast from Botanicare. Pretty sure GH calls for 1ml/gal of ArmorSi and Silica Blast calls for 5ml/gal, but i could be wrong.. i'd have to double check their bottles!!

The more i read about silica, the more i feel it should be considered a macronutrient along with Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium, Calcium, Sulfur and Magnesium. The amazing benefits silica can have for your plants is highly overlooked i think.

Starting now, i will be increasing the amount of silica my plants get, as well as applying a foliar spray every 3 days. Silica is no longer mobile within the plant 24 hours after uptake, so a constant supply of silica is needed to maintain its benefits. Foliar applications are highly suggested (not by me, but i know i will end up suggesting them anyways hah) because when the plant uptakes silica through the roots, its transported to older growth first, but most pathogens attack newer growth, so foliar applications of the leaves will be a great preventative to PM, similar to the video that Skybound posted here a few pages back about that guy treating PM on his plants, then following up with silica sprays.

I dont know if i'll do a video on the PM wash there 60, but its pretty easy to do. What i did do that i didn't mention before was spray down all the branches that i was taking off with just regular water with a spray bottle before i started snipping branches, so that mildew didn't fly everywhere when i was snipping the scrog away from the plant.

Then i put them in the wash for a max of 10 mins, to make sure that all the leaves were soaked and i felt satisfied that the mildew was sterilized. Then they went into a fresh water bath then got hung up to dry out before manicuring. Thats it!

Anyways, off to eat some lunch and do some veg work!!

Happy growing!
All good GT, the pictures help a lot. Take care of your babies.
GTJ, Do you use just plain water for your 14 day flush? Im about to start my flush on my LSD girl. Any new drying methods you use that you would like to share?

I read a article somewhere where it said long flushes and letting the plant use all the leaves like the pictures above can take away from the aroma and taste of the bud? Whats your input on that? When outdoors i know the plants start to die off at the very end but they are still getting nutrients im sure from the soil. Just curious on your input and I ask because i took a sample (unflushed) and the smell and taste is AMAZING. Thanks
Good question.

Not too sure on the taste and smell thing with longer flushes. I flushed the second girl scout cookies until the majority of the large fan leaves were yellow, and its still retaining its smell. Probably was about 10-12 days? Haven't tasted it as its curing up in jars. The smell gets better each day i burp the jars. Few more days of that and i will seal them good and put them away for a couple weeks or longer

I find you can really taste the difference in product that was flushed longer and allowed to have the stored nutrients drawn from the rest of the plant. The remaining nutrients left in buds that were not flushed long enough can have a harsh, metal like taste to it.

Although the drying and curing process is the easiest way to lose taste and smell of your buds.. my suggestion is dry in a low light room where its cool and the humidity stays high. like 55-65%. People suggest a small fan to move air around, but i find that the added air movement can contribute to your buds drying faster and smelling like dried hay.

Its all personal preference tho, and this is just what i have found drying my harvests recently.
Hey everyone!!

I have an update for you all! Gotta let ya all know i'm still growing some lovely looking plants!!

Lets start with some good news. The PM is completely gone from my grow rooms. I used this product from my local hydro shop called Nova. Its made by a company called Dow Agrosciences. Its a locally systemic fungicide, and i can say that it is damn effective. one application is all you need. no follow up treatments required. To ensure that all my grow spaces were clean, i used a disinfectant product called Virkon. I aquired this from the wonderful Lady GT who uses this particular disinfectant at the veterinary Hospital she works at. I used a 3% concentration apparently (thats what she told me haha) and apparently nothing, and she was adamant about that, survives this stuff at that concentration. It smelled much nicer than bleach i can tell ya haha.

Now on to the new stuff!

If anyone doesn't know, i'm giving the 165w Twilight LED another go at flowering a plant. I'm not expecting much as its very underpowered, but if something does come of it, then at least i'm pleasantly surprised, rather than let down cause i expected more than i received.

I have to say, that i did start this plant under a MH and a T5, but this plant was very small compared to what it looks like now before going under the LED. The node spacing is so tight that i'm thinking the buds will be stacked one on top of the other, which i have no problem with haha.. So far, my impression is better than my first attempt with this light.

I will be flowering out my only Capn-style plant this run, and thats a lovely Pink kush specimen.

It got transplanted into a 5gal round pot Tuesday, and got its first day of reduced light Wednesday. Lets me show ya how she looks!



Some sexy roots for you all! I gotta say, hand watering to waste everyday, i cant achieve roots this white. However, putting my plant on a drip ring during veg, i get root masses like this all day everyday! I will be running less plants during veg, and running them on drip rings once they are in 2gal pots. SO heres those roots!!


I'm super excited for this strain. I know this is the particular Pink kush that i bought a bag of back in the summer. I have a pic of the buds i will post, from the bag i had last summer.


The 3 Pinks that i have in the Flower tent have the most intoxicating smell ever.. It smells like delicious coffee, with a hint of chocolate at the end of the whiff you take. As the buds develop, they produce the most amazing kushy smell to them. And the ripened finished product (not that i've grown one out yet, but from smoking some) is some of the best smoke you could ever get. So smooth on the inhale.

I actually cant agree with the name anymore. This particular pheno that i have, even the buds i smoked pictured above, the taste is indescribable. The only way i could describe the taste was if the colour Pink had a taste, this is what i imagine it would taste like. Sort of like a mixture of kush and beautiful red roses.

Dr. Underground Seeds sells their version of the original Pink kush, or you can acquire the true original genetics by ordering the authentic Reeferman Brand Pink Kush.

My little Blueberry Headband is doing lovely. She got transplanted into a 2gal on tuesday and put on a drip system the same night. She's loving it thats for sure. I was worried that she was getting stretchy under the MH, but upon reading more into the strain (which is a Humboldt Seed Org and Emerald Seeds Collaboration) it apparently grows tall and lanky and is a very heavy yielder!! As of right now, she has this lovely, kushy, fuely scent to her, with a very mild sweet berry undertone at the very end of your inhale.

Here she is!

I also germinated some bag seed that i found in some killer Purple kush that i bought a few weeks back. I had 5 but only 2 germinated and made it into a rockwool cube. They got transplanted into a 3" rockwool block on Tuesday.

The babies:

I also took a few random shots of what the flower tent is looking like now that i have 4 new plants in there. Mainly because i was showing TheCapn the OG that i just put into flower, that i expect to hit 16zips. He told me to clean up the bottom of the plant, so i did..

Heres the pics.

OG before trim:

OG after the trim. Just so we are all clear, i removed ONLY branches. No Leaves.

And a couple shots of the Pink Kush that are in flower..

This is my biggest Pink Kush in the flower tent. This should hit about 16zips

And the next biggest one on the right. Should yield about 8zips.

And that's all guys! Hope you enjoyed what ya saw, and make sure to stick around, i just planted 2x Reserva Privada Strawberry Banana's tonight and another Dinafem OG Kush last night into 1.5" Rockwool cubes.

Happy growing!
That Pink Kush is super healthy J!
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