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HELLO!!! And welcome to my first grow everyone. Thanks for all the information and knowledge i have gained from this website. So lets cut to the chase!

I have modified/built a grow cabinet out of a 2 shelf Sterilite storage cabinet. This is a Small stealth grow with 1 plant! Enjoy :thumb:

I have ran into a few problems into this grow so i will try and explain and give solutions so if anyone else ever needs help or runs across this thread!

What strain is it?
- Papaya (Mango) (Nirvana)

Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages?
- Indica 85 / Sativa 15

Is it in Veg or Flower stage?
- Veg

If in Veg... For how long?
- 2 weeks

Indoor or outdoor?
- Indoor

Soil or Hydro?
- Hydro (DWC)
- 5 gal Reservoir (only 3 liquid gallons being used)

Size of light?
- 7 CFLs

Temp of Room/cab?
- High 79 degrees
- Low 71 Degrees

Size of Room/cab?
- Sterilite 2 Shelf Storage Cabinet
- 36.5 Height
- 20.9 depth
- 18.8 Width

PH of res?
- 5.8

Type and strength of ferts used?
- 250 PPM of nutes at the moment (day 25 from sprout)
- Botanicare KIND nute line (base, Grow, Bloom, Aquashield)
- General Hydroponics pH up and down.

- pH Meter
- PPM Meter

Papaya (Mango) is a fast growing plant, mold and disease resistant, and usually an early maturing plant. Papaya has a sweet, tropical fruity flavor.
Papaya is a heavy, greasy indica staying low and dense, very suitable for sea of green gardens. The buzz from our papaya is lethargic, almost narcotic.

Plant height: Short Plant
Stoned or high?: Stoned INDICA
THC level: High THC
Flowering Weeks: 8
Yield : 500
Harvest Month: 8/9

I am posting this journal today and i am 25 days from sprout! Pics are coming! :cheer:
DAY 1 of Sprout!! WE HAVE LIFE! 1st seed from Nirvana! (Feminized seed)
She went straight in pH watered (5.5) Rockwool cube (1.5 inches). Took 24 hours and i saw it pushing threw. :thanks:

Day 5! She has really grew! Roots are coming out of the netpot now and are hanging into the water. Sorry i didnt get more pics of the roots or anything... I was so excited to see them i didnt want to mess anything up lol....



So i did my first reservoir change around day 12 and i saw some dreaded white slime in my res and on my pretty white roots... This is one of the major problems i ran into on my first grow... The slime was not that bad but it was all over my air lines and in the res. This is one of the main reasons i wanted to publish this journal and give people some ideas on what works. So i did my res change and just put the roots back in the fresh res because i didnt want to hurt the roots and didnt really know what to do lol.... I did not have my aquashield yet so after a lot of research and reading i ordered some aquashield.. 2 days later it arrived. I was watching my roots closely and they were just a little slimy and was not turning brown or anything? Long story short i did another res change and added in my aquashield as directed... I saw a slow/hardly no growth rate for those 4 days... 24 hours after i used aquashield she took off again! and holy roots! they were new white roots everywhere. I looked closely and there was no slime in my res or roots. The middle of my root ball there was a little discoloration (brown). Within 5 days of using aquashield the brown was cleared up also! I was so relieved. I have been using it as directed on bottle now and hope to never see that problem again....

Res temps are at least 70 degrees if not more. I have no chiller. If you do use aquashield make sure you DONT use any thing that will kill the beneficiaries in the aquashield like peroxide or bleach... It worked for me!!!!
Day 22 from sprout! Everything has been cleared up for around 8 days now with no signs of slime and healthy growth and new roots! I started my 2nd round of nutes a little to strong and went from 1/4 to full week 1 veg amount and i saw some signs of nute burn after 24 hours so i changed out the res and started with 100 ppm of nutes in my res... (around 1/4 strength.)


Ok so now im caught up!!! Day 25 (Which is today) I have now upped my nutes over the past 2 days to 250ppm of nutes in my reservoir. Week 2 feeding on the chart would have the nutes at around 500 ppm but thats to much right now... Shes loving what im giving her and is eating about 50ppm of nutes every 4 hours lol? Im slowly rising her ppm nutes up. She has already consumed at least a gallon of water in the past 2-3 days. CRAZY growth... :Namaste::bravo::love::love:

Any questions or comments that will help me out please let me know!!!


Day 26! Good morning everyone. amazing root growth and i can see foliage growth from just 10 hours sleeping (lights off for 6)... pH was 5.7 this morning and ppm was 225. Whatcha think !?!? Can you see the growth? This is the bushiest plant ive ever seen lol.... I guess because its indica?



Hello everyone! PAPAYA is doing good! I have her nute PPM around 350 now. I also took a cutting for a clone. I have never done it so i thought i would give it a try. I wished i had a bigger setup so i could do more clones and grow more. Anyway i placed it in a glass of water and ill just let it set for 2 weeks or so. I tested some tomatoes and it worked really well! Ill keep you updated.

Im going to give it a few days but i believe im going to start flowering pretty soon... she is growing a lot faster than i thought and i want to have enough room for her to finish in my setup! If she triples in size right now it will be close to my lights :thedoubletake:

Any input people!?!
Subbed. I'm interested in seeing how this strain grows and finishes in hydro.

Nice setup you have going, HunterNitro. It looks liek you have everything on track. Great job so far!

Thanks a lot Obi!!! Im going to try and update every day and hopefully pics at least every other day or so. Shes is so bushy! Im thinking about cutting some of her lower foliage and have been reading up on different methods but im not for sure what to do or if i should trim anything on her.... If someone has input on trimming please let me know!!

Ok so i just set the timer up for 12 hours on 12 hours off. Im going to go ahead and start flowering her... she has grew more in the past 4 days than ever... Im scared shes going to run out of room. Another thing that is starting to scare me is the roots in the net pot? They are almost the size of the holes. I was able to cut the netpot on one or 2 of them but cant get the bottom ones cut. I hope this doesn't affect her.... i dont want it to cut into the roots. Pics coming later!
Day 28! So i made a half scrog screen.... I was going to tie her down some and just figured this would be easier to tuck her in for a while so she can get better light penetration. It worked great! The middle is now open more.


I have my 6inch inline fan and my phresh filter coming tomorrow! Im excited, PAPAYA sure is stinking up my barn and shes not even flowering yet. Phresh ive heard is top 3 brands of filters but then i also heard some bad reviews so i figured i would try it out myself! I will let you know how it goes.

Also took another clone from her today. The stem on my first one made a complete U shape while in the water and actually came out the water. I couldnt believe it. So i rigged up something a little better. Hope it comes through!

Day 29! Day 1 of Flower!

So i received my packages today!!

- $78 Phresh Filter 4in x 12in (200cfm)
- $69 VenTech IF6 6" Inline Duct Fan 440 CFM
- $18.99 VenTech Speed Controller

First look- WOW! HUGE!!! Packaging was great. Phresh is know for its loose carbon. I opened carefully and set it on the floor and took my vacuum and sucked the loose carbon up. Took a wet cloth and wiped everything down. PERFECT! Great quality. Nice prefilter that came with it... Light weight... Never felt one of the other filters so i cant compare.

Fan was also very nice.. Lighter than i thought. I was thinking it was going to be like 50lbs.

Had to redo my grow box... Removed old CPU fan.. re arranged box and cut a new hole and spot for the filter... Had to patch old hole. Rigged up some straps and secured the filter with screws in the top of the box. Wait, did i say this thing is HUGE for my little stealth box LOL... I didn't want to lack on the security and plus im getting ready to build a room or buy a tent so i wanted to get something i can use with that after this grow.

- Its not 4 inches..... It was 4.25 inches outside diameter... This made it very difficult to get the duct on this filter... i had to cut a notch, secure it, then use tape... it wasn't to bad but i cant believe that they would not make this to work with 4inch as advertised.

-A little messy but cleaned up well

- Good quality
- As soon as i turned this thing on it took every smell out!!!!! I was so relieved to smell nothing lol... Shes only on day 1 of flower and she was alrdy stinking so good...
- If it works this good I will likely buy another one. (test in flower)

CHECK IT OUT! PAPAYA is doing great! All of her new toppings have 9 leaf leaves.. She seems healthy and loving what im doing. Also added bloom nutrients. Shes at around 400 PPM of nutes. Shes still small and im flowering early for her so i think ill just slowly go up on nutes... She has been taking low nutes very well and seems to do better. I will do a reservoir change next week sometime. Ill keep you posted.

Also i added a total of 12 CFL's today. 8 2700k and 4 6500k.

Questions!?!?!?! :helpsmilie:

Should i cut some of the lower foliage and fan leaves? A few of them are a little droopy... I dont really know what i want to do with her i hate to cut her unless its going to help her.

Now that shes in day one of flower should i let her grow up through the string or keep tucking her in?

Day 30! Day 2 Flowering!

PAPAYA is doing good! I gave her under foliage a little cutting... I only cut 2 or 3 small fan leaves that were droopy and not getting light. I also took another clone just because it was lower growth and i cleaned it up! More growth in the middle since i opened her up with the SCROG.. I had to tuck her under a few times today. Once things catch up i will stop tucking her. She is taking up a lot of nutes and water. She takes about 100PPM of nutes and 3/4 gallon of water in just the 12 hours with lights on. Roots have filled the whole reservoir at this point. Humidity is averaging around 40 im hoping that around normal. Let me know if u have any feed back!
Day 31! Day 3 of Flower!

A lot of new growth in the middle. A bunch of new bud sites have formed and caught up with the String screen. Started adding bloom nutes... PPM of nutes is around 450. Also just a note my pH is always at 5.8. This seems to be the sweet spot for PAPAYA and looking at the pH charts its what it should always be. I never let it fluctuate from 5.8 by more than .1. I dont know if this is contributing to the awesome growth or not.


Thinned out the lower foliage more today. I know shes in flower now but she takes it good.. She hasn't slowed growth since i been trimming her. Only thing i left are the big fan leaves....


Should i remove the lower fan leaves!?!?! I need some input on this from someone that knows! Thanks



should i trim these?

Day 32! Day 4 of Flower!

PAPAYA!!!! Mmmmm she smells so sweet. I havent got a hint of fruit or mango yet. Just so sweet and amazing. It makes my nose tingle when i smell her haha! :circle-of-love:

A lot of new growth and the bud sites are filling in great! I still need someone opinion on the lower big fan leaves. I dont know to cut them or leave them.

Raised PPM of nutes to 500. ph still at 5.8. I cant even keep up with her roots anymore... They have filled the whole reservoir!!!! A lot of new root growth coming out of the netpot also. I have let her start growing upwards getting rdy for flower! The strain says height is small so i hope she doesn't stretch to much!

Any input welcome!!

If someone could please let me know to cut or not on the big fan leaves? (check out the pic from saturday)


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