SJ's Multi-Strain Journal 2014

No. Your veg ladies aren't flowering to collect that pollen. Just make sure there IS NO WAY that any pollen can get from your veg area to your flowering area. And until you have enough male pollen sacs to collect a branch worth make sure you visit the flowering area first. Once you collect a male branch. put it into a ziplock bag and refrigerate it until you can harvest whats flowering. then take it out and hang it upside down with a paper bag around it so that the pollen sacks can open and release their pollen into the bag. Then collect it and put it into a ziplock bag again. Refrigerate and save for cross pollination later.

The way my rooms are designed is all airflow goes from my flowering room into my veg room and is then released out. And my intake vent for my flowering room has a 1900 micron filter on it as do the two that go from my flower room to my veg room. I dont have to worry about pollen unless I do it or a lady goes hermie.
Un-Refrigerated pollen can still be viable for up to a week. In order to store pollen for long periods of time, it is important to remove as much of the water content in the pollen as possible. Store the pollen in a glass jar or vial, avoiding plastic bags, which can breathe and are not the best for long-term storage. if you can find some "Indicating Desiccants" those will do the trick. Once the vast majority of the moisture is removed the pollen can make the trip to the freezer. Once the vial is in the freezer, the pollen should be good for years. Some breeders report viable pollen after 3 years of being in the freezer!

Here is are some helpful links...
Pollen: How to collect it and use it.
Collecting and Storing Pollen
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The Male Pollen Sacs

Hope these are all helpful! I will be cross breading a few of the strains I have here in the next year or so! So I have been doing a lot of research with this as of late! I have actually just successfully cross bread two strains that I had. the seeds can be seen in my perpetual journal in my sig! It was just a test and I used pollen from a hermie plant that developed a few male sacs that i cut off. I still have a bunch of the pollen drying now...
Wow 3 years really?!
I got some afghan kush pollen from my first grow but I just putted the sacks in a little zipbag and threw it in the freezer.
You think it got pollen in there still? Its about 6-8weeks ago
You might...that really depends on the moisture content...When "water" freezes, well we all know what happens lol...well if there is moisture in the pollen and it freezes whats gonna happen? blam burst the pollen....Id check it and see if it is frozen and if you can see ice crystals...might need your scope for this...if you do might wanna throw in the trash...if not then i would thaw and remove moisture asap and throw back in...
75w ufo & 300w Mars Hydro LED :)

Malawi Gold
Northern Lights #1 & #2 sprouted yesterday
Aurora indica, arjans ultra haze #2 are females aswell jippie !
I'd think swiss cheese & Hollands hope are males.. Not sure yet, I'll give them a week or so.
More pics tomorrow

Stay high :peace:
everything is looking great. question though. how old is mawi gold? just wondering why its looks so small but is budding? just curious looking great though keep it up and keep it green!
I had it in 12/12 since sprout, then I fimmed it and she ended up with 4 tops, but shes not stretching tho its really wierd. Shes about two months, I have a note somewhere when she sprouted. If she dont stretch more within 2 weeks shes gonns be bong material ;)
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