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Day 70 from seed and day 42 of flowering!

Thanks! I know im getting excited now thinking about the harvest!

Reservoir change today. Took the two chunks of mosquito dunks out. There is quite a bit that broke off and is now on the sides of my reservoir so i believe that will be good and take me to harvest!

Still no smell from papaya until you touch her! I cant believe these amazing buds and no smell really! But if you touch her the aroma is suddenly noticed. Im sure this will change once i chop her.

Buds are still swelling and getting more frosty! Keep stacking my trichomes on!! :thumb:

She seems to have taken all the abuse and defoliation the past couple days. She drunk a gallon of water the past 24 hours and seems to be recovered.

I did back off the nutes some to around 750 ppm now. I dont know if because I cut most of her fan leaves she doesnt need as much but im seeing signs of burn with 800-900 PPM. Just the tips on about 40% of her.
Wow thats awesome! How do you check them on the plant though? Do you clip a leaf off or something?

I use the 30x jewelers loupe and the Carson Optical MicroMax LED Microscope 60x-100x either by holding the loupe close to the buds and focusing or use one hand to cup the bud and use the 30 x jewelers loupe or microscope with my other hand to examine the buds. I either use the 25X-200X Magnifier USB Digital Microscope Video Camera by either focusing close on the buds or by clipping off a small sugar leaf to examine under the 25X-200X Magnifier USB Digital Microscope Video Camera.
Thanks a lot for the info KingJohnC!

Im happy to say i just purchased a 0-500X 2MP USB 8 LED Light Digital Microscope Video Camera Magnifier!! I also have a 60x Jewelers loop coming but im pretty excited about the USB Microscope! Now i should be able to effectively determine when shes ready to flush and harvest!!

I do have one question KingJohnC! At what percentage cloudy or amber trichomes should i start my 7-14 day flush so it will turn out perfect? I think this is what i will need the most help with determining when to harvest! Thanks again and im glad to have you here for the support!
The rate that the trichomes will mature at depend on the strain of cannabis, your growing condition, the nutrients that are currently being fed to your plant and how long you flush for, I can not give you an accurate percentage to begin your harvest flush at. I would begin your harvest flush when the trichomes are mostly at the state of maturity that you wish to harvest at and adjust the timing for future grows.
Day 73 from seed and day 45 of flowering!

Everything is going good! Sorry for the slower updates but no big changes. I will try and post pics within the next couple of days. Buds are swelling! Hope they keep on.... Trichome production is awesome also! She has been back to drinking 1 - 1.5 gallons of water a day! Crazy intake..

Keeping PPM around 650.

Want her to start eating her stored food! Im waiting on my USB microscope but i will start the flush in about a week hopefully and flush for 2 weeks. That will be around 65 days and i can always take her a week early if needed! Hopefully my microscope will be here by monday so i can get a better idea!

So close!
Day 74 from seed and day 46 of flowering!

Thanks for joining ashpac!

I have been keeping Humidity at 30-40% and she is really stacking on the trichomes! I dont know if she would have produced this many if it was in the 40-50% range... It seems to be working though. Buds are swelling and looking good!

I hope these pics inspire new and current CFL growers! A lot of new growers use CFL's because they are easy and cheaper to run. I know that why I started with them. Im interested to see what i can do with some LED light in the near future!! Now for PAPAYA and some BUD PORN!!!!












Day 75 from seed and day 47 of flowering!

Ok everyone! Microscope and 60x loop came today!

Started flushing her. Plain pH water and aquashield.

I have more amber than i thought i would have. Im seeing mostly cloudy some clear and a few amber. As she progresses i may take her this weekend. Not for sure yet.

She only has a few brown pistils and mostly white... I didnt think she would be this ripe yet.

What is your input? When should i take her? How is it looking? Each one of these are different leaves from different buds!!!



the trichomes on the leaves are notorious for maturing quicker than the trichomes inside the flowers.
Looking pretty groovy, HunterNitro.

I'm not sure I'm quite qualified to suggest harvest date estimations. One thing that I realized, after some experience with the microscope, was that some Trichomes that I thought were cloudy were actually clear. The cloudiness that I first noticed was not cloudy resin but the blurry spot where the Trichome stalk and bulbous head met. From the top down it appeared cloudy/blurry. However from a side angle I could see right through the clear Trichome head. Later I was better able to ascertain whether a Trichome head was cloudy/milky/opaque versus semi-translucent or clear from multiple angles.

You are on the home stretch. Keep up the awesome work!

Thanks for the replies everyone. I used my 60x loop and you are correct. On the actual buds itself im seeing no amber. They are i would say 50% cloudy and 30% half clear and half cloudy and about 20% clear. I will Continue with my week or 2 flush and they should be ripe by 2 weeks im hoping. Im wondering if I should put a little bloom nutes in my reservoir? Im hoping with the added time the buds will swell even more! Any ideas?
Nice journal! Great looking plants..

From what I have read online and trolling d net I would not add nutes once you have started to flush because you want the plant to use the stored up nutrients not add more to the res.. But I see your point if your going to add an extra week.. I would hold off and just flush, you might get a much nicer taste.. That's my 2cent but I'm on my first hydro attempt so maybe if someone with more exp would be able to answer that for you..

your grow is looking great. I still have 4 weeks left till my chop! Everytime i look at your plants im like wow not bad looks great, then i remember your using CFL........ Your just killing it! Awesome!

Great swell on those nugs compared to most CFL grows i have stalked lol
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