1st DWC Grow


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Hello this is my first grow log and my first time using a dwc. I will post pics weekly.

Strains: auto purple cheese and cheese bomb one mistake I made I forgot to label my plants I hope soon I'll be able to tell since ones a autoflower
Size of light: 150hps
Temp of Room/cab:78
PH of media or res:5.8
Veg cycle: 16 days
Any Pests :no
Bucket Size - 5.0 gallons
Number of Plants: 2
Nutrients: Bc boost, Bc grow, magi Cal, thrive alive red, sugar daddy
So how happy are you with D.W.C. Looks like your doing a R.D.W.C. is that a reservoir in the first pic with the blue lid on it?
I like it. It's alot more needy IV had it droop more tgen any soil grow but once you figure out the nutes it seems awesome. I'm still worried when I switch to flower how it'll react csuse my first time putting in nutes the plant dropped by and that bucket with the lid I use for water changes so I don't damage the roots.
Yea it just held the fan and I use it when I change my buckets out. I'll have to check your page out.

I used to do the same thing. Then I started working smarter, not harder. I added these tubes that you see here. They serve two purposes,
1. To let me know how much water is in the buckets (Semi clear tubing) and how high I need to fill it.
2. It makes draining them such an effortless task.

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Yea that is what I have on the bucket with the blue top but mine developed a leak even with silicone on it I'm not sure why

Silicone sucks for this purpose that's why. No Bueno :slide:
I used 3 parts from the hydroponic store not far from my house but most any hardware/plumbing store, e.g. Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, will most likely have them.
One 90 Degree Elbow
One rubber Grommet
One Rubber/Later hose - See through or transparent
One hole @ 3/4 inch in the bucket
Just drill your hole in the bucket...Cram the grommet into the hole and then force the Elbow into the grommet/hole then comes the clear Tube.
Total cost=Less than a tube of Silicone
It's a tight fit, I have to twist very hard, to get the elbow into the down position to drain into a bucket on the floor.
If you do decide to try this, put the hole in the side of the bucket and not the actual bottom of the bucket. Roots will grow into the hole if you put it on the bottom. At least that's what I read and it makes a bit of sense to me. You'll have a little bit of water left over when you drain the bucket but all you need to do is tip the draining bucket forward a little bit to get most of the remaining water out.

Here ya go...just to show you what I have used. It's actually "Barbed".
The "Barbed" 90 Deg Elbow $0.38 each

The Grommets. $0.46 each
great setup I used a setup just like that and produced great yields you just have to remember thatafter 24 inches the light penetration is almost gone so don't grow them too tall.... good lucky
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