DWC 2nd Run

Looking good man... How often are you checking your trichomes? I wouldn't start watering without nutes until the trichs are getting close.... The number of days/weeks in flower isn't exact for each plant. Let her tell you when she is ready...

They look happy and luscious... :goodjob:
Yea i have a 60X jewelers loop with 2 small led lights on it. It works good now that i have the hang of it! Still hard to see under the HPS though... The light throws it off. I hardly ever use the microscope i bought. Its so hard to focus and get a good clear image its almost worthless unless you pick a bud off and look at it. Im at 100% cloudy with my girls. Just waiting for her to ripen now! You should be getting close as well! Cant wait for harvest pics!!!!!! Wished we were closer we could help each other harvest haha. =) Im sure going to need it... And by the looks of it you have a job on your hands also.
Yea I'm getting excited just trying to still figure out when to flush since scope is garbage because I can't get a good look because of the hps and what makes it harder is she's to big to get out of my room lol I tried she's not coming out till I cut her. I wish we could help each other trin it's such a longggg process
I said screw how can we learn without trying. I didn't take all the colas off which I have 8 I took the tall one that was hogging the light and after I did that it looks like a very even canopy now hope it pays off.
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