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Medical Sour Diesel - LED - GLR - Coco

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profesor x

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Welcome to Profesor X's Medical Sour Diesel indoor grow journal, glad to have you here :)

*What strain is it? Sour Diesel, from Medical seedbank
*Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? 30% indica / 70% sativa
*Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg
*If in Veg... For how long? 1 day
*Indoor or outdoor? indoor
*Soil, Hydro, Soilless? Soilless (60% Coco Coir / 40% Perlite)
*Size of light? 1 Advanced Platinum Series DS800 LED panel 400 x 3w (made in USA bridgelux LEDs)
*Temp of Grow Tent? 70-80 F
*RH of Room/cab? 50-60%
*PH of media or res? 5.8
*Any Pests ? No
*Type and strength of ferts used? full Canna Coco line & Botanicare Cal-Mag
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profesor x

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day 9 since sprout, day 7 since potted. i can feel she is a little stunted, i noticed her leaves are pointing upwards, what can that be, could that have something to do with the stunted growth? or am i being paranoid? i need some meds

temps are 70-75 F
rH is a little low, sometimes is at 30%- 47% (could that have something to do? i'm aware that relative humidity is very important to seedlings)

lights are at 32" away from canopy

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profesor x

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hey closetorganic thanks for stopping by :)

bad news from my other sour D seedling... she had problems to pop up, i helped a bit, but i noticed no growth, so i checked and yes... root rot =/.. i ran out of Sour D seeds, so i planted an Amnesia Haze in a starting cube yesterday to make her company, i had no option but plant her in full moon (i have read about some lab tests that suggest that cannabis planted in the correct moon phase and zodiac sign yield up to 20% more and grow faster) i don't know if it is true but being synchronized with the universe can't be a bad thing lol
congratulations on your seed that made it .:goodjob:

the pics show a happy plant . lol i know nothing about the zodiac statement !!

im subbed for the grow!!!
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profesor x

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want to share a bit of what i like to see as universe's knowledge :Namaste:

when planting cannabis by the phases of the moon seeds germinate faster, Plants are hardier and more disease-resistant and they blossom sooner and bear more fruit

As a general rule of thumb when the Moon is waxing, plants develop leaves and above ground systems, when it is waning plants develop their root systems. Planting leafy crops such as cannabis that grow above ground are best sown at waxing moon

Crescent moon phase is when the best germination occurs and is a good time for thinning out seedlings to give room for the rapid growth that occurs at the next phase. Gibbous moon phase is when there is a greater uptake of nutrients from the soil, and swelling of fruits. Disseminating moon is an excellent time for seed setting and ripening. Balsamic phase is the best time for destroying weeds, pruning trees, and all preparation for the next cycle.

hope this info helps if someone is interested in trying it :)
hey devils letuce, it means a lot to have you here. thanks 4 stopping by :)
my second seedling (Amnesia Haze) is about to pop up from starting cube. will update with pics when she gets planted :welcome:
happy to be here .. glad i got a front row seat. i grow indoors so i guess the moon wont help my plants lol. but i do plan on having a monster outdoors next summer .
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profesor x

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happy to be here .. glad i got a front row seat. i grow indoors so i guess the moon wont help my plants lol. but i do plan on having a monster outdoors next summer .
i have read some studies that were made in indoor and outdoor crops and the moon effects are the same for both, Lunar planting finds its roots in organic and biodynamic farming techniques of ancient cultures who studied the profound power and influence the moon has over this planet's water. (i.e. the tide of the seas), so the moon influences all plants (i grow indoors)
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profesor x

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i haven't made up my mind yet, i have been reading about manifolding (or main-lining), and seems that's the way i will train them, is that a good idea?
i'm thinking maybe to top them to produce 8 colas and make our friend Light Addict backbuilding technique. would love to hear your opinions and feedback if somebody has tried this combination
hell light addicts the man when it comes to fluxing .. they prefer to call it fluxing instead of mainlining .. i think the finish product looks awesome .
to each his own .
Hey profesor x I see your planning your training and I was wondering on how long you were wanting to veg and train them. I was looking at your tent size 2' x 4' x 7' tall and picturing 2 plants in there if the amezia haze is coming through. I think the fluxxing or mainlining takes big training and veg time and could need more space for 2 plants Im just guessing with no exp. I think topping and some LST low stress training would work fairly easy. I picture topping to get 8 main stems and to tie them down to fill up each plants space. YOu will end up getting like 20+ toppers all near same level that way in each plants 2 x2 area. Kinda like a scrog screen but it would be easier to harvest one or remove them to do whatever if needed.
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profesor x

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hey there friends :)
i don't have a rigid schedule for vegging, i'm thinking in main lining to 8 colas or fluxing, and trigger flowering when they become half size of how they would fill the tent, hopefully not too long :laugh2:

i would like good shape uniform nugs, not too big nor small hehe

yes closetoorganic, i have been thinking of that too, i could have 8 main colas in a uniform, even canopy. Actually i thought that was main-lining :3::smokin: