DWC 2nd Run

Thanks! I am flushing the rest of her now I only cut some of and got 68 grams dry now I do not think it'll be more then 28 to 40 grams for the rest of the plant but we shall see even if it's not much more iv already beat my personal best just with colas
looking good - congrats on your record!
Thanks! It's nice having my personal best with over half the plant left.

Hell yea it is!! I think i will be the same this month - best was 3 oz - I think im gonna blow the hell outta that record - especially with my new upgrades! - always love your grow man - love your style
Hello everyone had my second cutting 10 days ago she's dried and now curing my second cut dry equaled 35 grams so my grand total so far is 95 grams! I am pumped the second pic is what's still left of the plant!
Looks great!! Thanks to former President Jimmy Carter's lack of conviction switching to metric, :) I had to go google a metric conversion chart to realize you have 3.35 ounces of weed there!! Congrats my friend! :peace:
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