Medical Sour Diesel - LED - GLR - Coco


This is gonna be epic. Subbd.
We need a photo update, those girls are growing like crazy.

hey there akisunni :)! i will update some pics later when i get home for sure :)! , yes they are growing like crazy! and their smell is very potent at this point, hope it won't overpower my carbon filter!!! that would put me in a bad position with my neighbors LOL


This is gonna be epic. Subbd.

thanks for joining us on this constant learning trip friend Stage! :)
yeap i'm very excited with this grow, but i'm not gonna lie, next grow will choose some fast-finishing indicas, i run out of medication and can't wait to harvest!!!! :drool:
I have that fear with my Cheese as well .. the carbon filters failing on me when they are in flower ... I'm still debating if I should just buy 2 spares for that case, so I can swap them out, and then worry about refilling later.. trying to overpower the smell would be futile :smokin:
Yo Profesor X,
After this grow we may have to address you as "The Large Profesor X".
Very impressive my friend...very. ;)
Yo Profesor X,
After this grow we may have to address you as "The Large Profesor X".
Very impressive my friend...very. ;)

thank you for your kind words stage :) i appreciate your complement, i have been very busy working but will definitely upload some update pics today :)

will pass through your journal, i already started reading, let me say you're doing a great job, your setup looks flawless and very clean, one of the best setups i've seen :goodjob: :reading420magazine:

the best green vibes for you my friend! :) :high-five:
Likewise Profesor X,
Thank you for the kudos. Please feel free to share your insights on my grow.
Always learning....always growing.
Respect to you sir!:thumb: :passitleft:
finally some pic updates 420 pals :)

flowering day #37



Yo Profesor! :smokin:
Looking at your grow on my 32 inch monitor, I'm like.....:thedoubletake:
I don't like to count my eggs b4 hatched, but what do you think this yield will do with your system+strain?
I see elbow(s).:welldone:
thanks for your kind words and compliments dear friends :)
i don't really know what my yields will be as this is the first time i grow these strains, but i'm hoping to get as close as i can to 1 gram per watt (my LED light is 800 watts) so if i get 700 grams out of these two I would be amazed as my grow area is small (if that is the case i would be getting 0.87 grams per watt) but it is very early to tell, the flowers are still forming and they haven't grown their full size, I try not to think much about it and let the girls be, cause if i get my hopes too high i might end kind of disappointed LOL

the best green vibes and wishes for your gardens and for you my 420friends , peace! :allgood:
best green vibes to ya'll 420 friends :)
i have a pic update today but this time is a bit different, i bought a cheap $30 chinese usb microscope for some close ups (yeah cheap equipment always looks better in the ebay auction pics LOL) so i want to apologize in advance for the quality :)

Flowering Day #42
the girls are responding very well and giving a heavy resin production, would LOVE to test this buds in a lab to know THC level LOL







YO profesor x!
This herb looks like it was made with super powers! :yikes:
I have got to get me one of those Prof! Nice pics. How long you think b4 chop?
I see clear and cloudy n amber too. 2 weeks?:thumb:
Really cool closeups profesor x they're looking like hash tips nothing but resin :jawdropper:

You definitely have this grow dialed in excellent :adore:

thank you closetoorganic :) i can't wait to smoke this buds!
one thing that has worried me is that i don't know if they will weight a lot, as i expected to give this grow 4 or 5 more weeks at least, but the way the trichomes are ripening just won't let me do it, i guess i will be forced to chop early.

the heavy resin production will make up for the fast ripening and add more weight though, or at least that's what i hope LOL
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