Medical Sour Diesel - LED - GLR - Coco

YO profesor! :bravo:
Have some reps man! Damb those gals are thick!! :circle-of-love:
Your usb microscope is killin it. :thumb:
pic update flowering day #50
Oi ... I am so hoping my current flower room will resemble something vaguely looking like this :eek: These are two plants, right ?
Hi,:thumb: I am Marlin Perkins....and welcome to Bud Kingdom.
i have been very busy these last two days harvesting and trimming, im expecting to finish today (NEED to finish today before the maid comes home to work tomorrow and smell the potent harvest LOL

i am dehydrating the trimmings and cuttings as i write this to make some killer BHO tonight

Those stalks look like Rudolph's antlers! :goodjob::bravo:
hey there friends thank you for your interest and your comments, it really means a lot to me :)
i was out of town, but now im back reporting final yields

Sour Diesel: 479 grams (dry)
Amnesia Haze: 225 grams (dry)
TOTAL= 704 grams

i didn't get to the 1 gram per watt mark but i was close, 0.88 grams per watt :)


Wickedly great harvest! My dude...u did the damn thing
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