DWC 2nd Run

It does look damn good! And.... nice to see your name up there again Mike! Any new grows in the works? :) :peace:

Hiya Beateo, it's good to be back.
I do not have anything growing at the moment but I have some seedlings that should sprout any moment now. Just bagseed for now. My next grow will be a bondage plant since I am now living in an apartment.
I just relized how similar the buds on my first hydro papaya's and your girl looks... Check it out! When i saw your picture i was like wow!!

Great job so far



Holy crap it looks almost identical iv never seen anything like that before!
Belive it or not I do not smoke I am a card holder and I quit when I got my card my wife is also a card holder and she smokes alot and said it taste like Welchs grape juice lol. I just love growing one day 4 years ago my friend came with a joint and he out 4 vicodines in it and I didn't know freaked out for days haven't been able to smoke sense:(
Yea I still have some to cut but this time I did it in 3 harvests my guess was 2 ounces dry I am in total shock about having 5 and a half dry also have about a half to maybe more left that's not dried. My problem is now I do not know how to store it since my wife won't smoke all that in a month
Mason jars work fine, but I invested in a few CVaults for long term storage. The Large and XL work for about me. Large hold about 1 1-2oz and XL holds about 3oz.
I would get a few more so u can keep these stored away and still have more for ur next grow/cure. I store all my buds in mason jars in a dark cabinet once my cvaults are I use.
Quart, wide mouth mason jars. You can get 12 for $10 and you should buy some boveda 62% humidipaks and put either 2 of the small ones in each jar or one large one in each jar. You can store for a year like this. You should still burp the jars everyday for 2 weeks.
Bittersweet day the last cutting I am happy but sad she was the best plant I have ever grown she currently is at 5 .3 ounces i will tell you the total after this last batch in about 7 days thank you everyone for all the help.
Congratz on your harvest bro! I would order a 12 pack of the 62% humidipak 8 gram. You can put 2 in each jar and leave you 2 extra for your smaller personal jar or for later use. I have a smaller personal jar that i fill up and smoke out of so i dont keep opening the main jars and i keep 1 of the humidipaks in it. The 12 pack on ebay is 10.50 free shipping i just ordered some!
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