DWC 2nd Run

Update time! PH is staying around 5.8 to 5.98 she is packing on weight daily and she is half way done as of today roughly. Please comment! Thanks in advance
looking good!
34 grams!?! pshhh you have 34 grams on ONE of those colas! You will produce 5-6 ounces easy from this girl. Shes looking AMAZING! This is an example of vegging until shes perfect and ready to flower and some nice HPS light. You wont see this growth and cola size from LED's in this stage... Awesome idea on the battery operated pump. Much easier! + reps
Thanks hunter! Yea I vegged her for around 2 Months maybe a little longer but it's nice knowing with the hps I can grow bigger and still get light penetration I hope she grows even more she is at 4 weeks now so she still got some time! And the battery pump is only like 14 dollars works awsome!
Question everyone I am in my 4th week of flowering and I'm using techna flora series which is bc bloom boost cal mag awsome blooms and sugar daddy I'm currently doing like 1/3 strength like i use 3 gallons of water and do the per gallon rate only once like 50l for one 3 gallon instead of recommendation of 150 for 3
Im not familiar with flora series. Those calculations sound right for 1/3 strength. Whats your question? And to answer your harvest question I personally do the whole plant because i always need to use my tent for drying since it has the carbon filter!
I am 3 days from week 5 and felt like updating. She is doing very well I just did a res change she's drinking a gallon minium a day and her ph is stabilizing better she ranges 6.5 to 5.7 when she gets to 5.7 I add tap water and it goes back up. Please leave comments I love hearing from everyone.
Thanks! and it has been so much easier with the continuous ph meter and it alarms when it goes above 6.5 and below 5.8 me least favorite thing about growing is trimming the damn thing lol I guess I got 4 weeks to worry about that
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