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Nwgrower's Medical 10k Grow


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Hey everyone new here! Figured id share my latest adventure with yall! Should be a good one.

40ft shipping container


-10 argo max reflectors

-10 galaxy select a watt

Growing method

-Recirc dwc in 5 gallon buckets (12)


-275gallon reservoir

-600gph pump


-4.5 ton a/c

-co2 hooked to air handler

-8 16inch fans.

-1/4hp water chiller in staging area as well as dual port a/c.


-Jack frost

-8 1/2 week flower


-Flying skull full line

A little about the grow... we started building it a few months ago and its finally finished. We insulted the entire container with 1" foam. We will br running 12 plants in a recirc dwc system we built fed by a 275 gallon resevoir. The flower room is 32' x 7' (yes a little narrow). The additional 8ft is a staging area. We are currently building a veg room, this is the only time we plan to veg in this container. We have very high expectations on this one.

We just put babies in the buckets yesterday. Only running 5 lights for veg. Vegging for a maximum of 5 weeks.

Will upload pictures this evening, until then ill leave this here for you guys.


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Heres a few, more to come. Still gettin some small touches done so dont mind any mess lol


Staging area

babies as of yesterday.

Flying skull

Ppm-550 until flower
water temp-64 degrees
room temp-70 degrees
Ph-6.4 once they shoot ill drop it to 5.8ish

Much more to come. As stated babies just planted. Thanks for looking


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Where does one obtain a 40ft shipping container!? maybe its because I'm from the UK, but here I cant think of one single way of obtaining anything even like this, Loving journal though:) good luck


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Small update, 6 of the twelve have shot roots out of the net pots, right on schedule. As stated ppm is 550, ph 6.4, and water temp of 63 degrees. Gave them half a cup of z7 last night.

As I said im running a recirc dwc that I made. Its fed by a 275 galoon rez (only 120 gallins in it currently until i get float.) 1" pvc main line comes out of res with 1/2" y's evrry 2 feet feeding the buckets, a 650gph pump sits at the end of the 1" main on a timer that recircs every 2 hours for 15 minutes. Weve had great success with this system (we usually run sprayers) kind 8f a revers ebb&flow. Then a 3/4" viny return tuben8ff the oump back to the rez. Ill upload a drawing if anyone is interested.
Sorry for any typos was in a rush

happy growing!

All questions, comments, and criticism welcome.


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Z7 and flora extract for benis, won't be running any teas this round, maybe at the end of flower for some added flavor. Were really trying to push this flying skull line. But I have experiment with teas amd had great succes when it came to quality. I do use teas on my outdoor!


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Another small update, day ten and everythings doing great. Topped all plants with more then 5 nodes, 8 in total this a.m. Roots are doing there thing. See alot of growth the next couple weeks. Got a couple stragglers but they should be just fine shortly. Other then that they ate almost 40 parts just last night! This jack strain LOVES to eat. Lol
And for anyone who may my wonder, my feeding schedule is as follows.
Z7- 1/2ml each part/gallon
Micro- 1/2tsp/gallon
Flora extract- 1/2ml/gallon


My apologies on the sideways photos my android is a pos and I cant figure out how to rotate them.


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Amazing set up!!

what is the PH level of your water being fed through your RDWC system?

Right now its a little high then usual, 6.6. It will lower naturally as the girls produce acids. It wil be 5.8 before flower.

Greenthumb J

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i would try to maintain it at around 5.8 as certain mineral elements are more available at lower PH levels, such as Calcium and Manganese..

I actually find that the PH will become more Alkaline as the plants absorb the water and nutrients. When i do a res change my PH is adjusted to about 5.5 and by the time next res change takes place, the water in the res has fluctuated to about 6.2 or 6.3. I've never experienced PH levels drifting the other way towards a more acidic PH level.
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