My first grow.


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MG soil
Organic nutrients
Greenfuse (veg) growth stimulator
Flower- Shultz plant food 10-15-10 & superthrive
Started with 5 clones
Sour diesel +2
Northern lights +1
Afgooey +2

Pictures from weeks 1-present (7 week total) 6 weeks veg 1 week flower
week 5 R.I.P. -both sour diesel plants died and 1 afgooey died- due to moving and didn't have a secure place for them.

Im just gonna add pics and label them I guess...
I now have like 15 clones and 3 in flower sour D, afgooey and NL

here are the three plants that died at 5 WEEKS



next are my two big ones (use to be he smallest ones lol)



northern lights



sour diesel clone str8 into 13/11




afg.. & NL 24/0 5 weeks 16/8 3 days 14/10 3 days 0/24 2 days and now 13/11 everydays... my plants flowered almost immediately! I'm only a one week now. Okay I hope you all are caught up.
Looking good. Just Curious, how many watts of light are you working with? Those look like some big plants for a CFL grow. My boy Woodsman can rock it with some CFL. Any questions I'd hit em up. He is more than willing to answer any ?'s that one might have. Keep it up.:slide:
thx u two... hear to... its cool no biggie.
velodrone growing pretty easy i just had questions on how u guys set up your journals but i think i've figure it out. If sum1 finds a way to increase yields plz let me know.
oh and I have about 30k lumens per/sq/ft
I have a bunch of 65w 300eqv and a 200w fluro and hella 42w & 23 etc..
next grow will be two 400 hps and 250 mh
Jbleez my friend! The good news is that you've got a journal. The Bad news is your in the wrong spot! You placed your journal under "Grow Journals" when you should be in "Grow Journals".
I think an administrator like 420 or Soniq420 can assist you in this so you don't have to redo the whole thing. They can probably just move you aver to the right place. To contact them you could go to the grow journals page as they have instructional threads there. Pleas let me know how it goes. You can give me a PM personal message or just reach me here or on my Journal. Good luck! PS You can make a title for your grow with your name in the title like " Jbleez's First Grow Journal or you can mention the strains etc., I'd let them know before they change anything as they can change titles etc.
thx bud hey what's the best nutes for flowering and have u learn a way to get thicker buds /w cfl grows? any help is cool...

I use Fox Farm Tiger Bloom for flowering along with molasses. As far as CFL's go I don't know how they would fatten up the buds but enough of them and placed as close as possible to the buds helps (2"-3").
how do u use the molasses? how much and how often?

I discovered the use of molasses halfway through the flowering stage of my last grow so I started using at that point. You can use it throughout the flowering stage. If you alternate your feedings (between water and fertilizer), then use it with the plain water feeding only. I used 1-2 tablespoons per gallon some use 3 tablespoons per gallon of distilled water (my preference). I use it with distilled water for my final flushes also, for the last two weeks or so. Use only unsulfered blackstrap molasses. You can find it in any grocery store for just a couple of dollars.

PS. Mix it well with the water- you really have to shake it up good!
I discovered the use of molasses halfway through the flowering stage of my last grow so I started using at that point.

PS. Mix it well with the water- you really have to shake it up good!

okay so I'm going to start using molasses at 1tsp per gal every week. I'll rotate water feeding and nutes every 2/4 days but my plant eat very fast.
I think I'm going to do a separate log of the clone cutting put straight into flowering before rooting since there's a lot of talk about this being a waste or unsuccessful.

I'm no expert on clones, someone else will chime in. Just wanted to say way to go on your signature!
Cloning isn't hard but I keep hearing how hard it is to flower a cutting but my Sour D is doing great and growing faster everyday. Honestly I'm moving again and I just wanted to get as much bud within the next 2/3 months as possible. I didn't want to make a separate grow room ...just being lazy plus live or die I don't really care bout the small ones its an experiment. I'll be happy if 3 out of 15 make it.
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