Charlie's stealth cfl & bagseed


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Alright guys, lets get this started. I found the design for the stealth rubbermaid cab and i think it will work to veg a few plants in. This is a soil grow. I have seeds germing as i type in paper towels. I should be able to sow a few on Saturday night and get pics up. I gotta keep this hush hush so the parents don't find it. All plants will be lst'd and i will be pulling plants as i go to find the strongest plants and then flowering to find the females. I think i will only be able to take 1 plant to harvest in the current location and because of space limits.

To start off I have.
Space - 2' wide x 1' deep x 3' high
Light - 5 cfl's 23 watt
Exhaust - 120 mm cpu fan.
Soil - MG organic potting
Nutes - I need to get some
I wouldn't suggest MG soil, but then again i have seen dank buds with MG, maybe you will be one of those people. who knows
Oops, well the parents found the setup yesterday and they're kinda pissed. They're not gonna kick me out or anything but that does mean the end of the line for this grow thread. Oh well, back to just commenting on other people's grows.
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