Pooh's CFL Grow - First Grow! Soil - Bag Seed - Welcome Friends!


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The start of this thread is here, Pooh's CFL first grow, bagseeds, soil, lets do this!

I will post all the important pics here soon!

Info for the people who don't feel like jumpin threads! :)

Expert potting soil,
Bagseeds local reg,
Felt like full sativa.
CFL Daylight and warm, At the moment just two daylight CFLs to get these seeds going,
Heating pad under the container with the seeds, set on low.
Grow space currently wardrobe cabinet in the side of my antique chest of drawers, final grow space wil be a closet, not sure the dementions exactly but i will probably be confining the plants to a smaller area via hanging reflectors around it to shorten the legnth the light travels away from the garden and reflect it back.
No special meters or equipment no nutes, maybe by flowering i will be able to get some nutes but budget is minimal right now.
Any more info you wanna know just ask :) I feel like im leaving out stuff but cant think of it right now just toked some gdp with the cousin.
Happy growin!
I will post some pics to this thread later! :peace:
Ok heres some catch up pics, and then a couple new onces. Sorry in advance for trailing off into some other things with pics some times, like as you will see I like to show some of my other more legal plants :p Just for fun and some green to show you while we wait for my seeds to rise and shine!
Anyway! Heres those catch up pics!

Grow space with lime trees sitting where my germinated seeds will sit!

Make shift reflector i made

Grow space with the reflector in place

Seeds in the water before they cracked and sunk to the bottom

Container with the seeds freshly planted in the soil (soil was lightened up a tad with perlite

My lime trees wanted to say hello :) my last mari jane plant went into 12/12 and so these thought it was fall too and started losing leaves, i didnt want that! so i am tricking them back into summer!

Heres my actual first grow, that turned out male so i chopped it

heres that seedling that I was talking about that grew all deformed (along with another one) and died

Time for new pics... :)
thinkin about using this container for 2 of the three plants, think itll work? i don't know exactly but i think its a 3 gallon container. Also keep in mind now that I might only veg these plants for 4-6 weeks, instead of vegging them till they quit growing, like i will do with other grows.

Heres my little make shift cloner, those little squares in the foam just mark where clones can be put in, they are simply X slits in the foam, holes in the side to hand spray, just wondering if it would work like this, if not, no big deal, just tossin ideas around :)

and my cousins turtle, hes a cool little guy i promised him i would feature him in my grow journal and he made a noise, so i think that means he was happy about it!

Alright this officially starts my grow journal! If everyone ends up not liking the fact that i trail off with the pics and show other stuff than my initial grow i wont do it anymore :p just giving you something to look at since my grow right now is just soil! :)

Hope to get quite a few followers, help will definitely be needed throughout so thanks in advance!!
thanks bro :peace:
Just sittin here smokin on some strawberry cough :)
Thinkin' about my grow. I can't decide what I want to do with these plants. I want to top one of them at the 3rd node, and tie the other two down sideways and let them grow like that, But that might only work for clones?
I want to optimize the best growth I can get with these CFLs. If i grow like i did last time, There will be alot of those dead fan leaves that haunted me last time. But I suppose in the end it didn't hurt the plant. I don't want to prune untill I see branching. Thats when I feel is the right time to start pruning for better light pent' but if I don't prune earlier on, branching may take longer. So I feel like I'm in a pickle on that.

Anyone remember that first grow where you wanna dig up the seeds to see how far they've gotten? Hahahaha thats what I wanna do right now. But I won't cause its probably how I fxcked up a few attempts before :p
Also I plan to leave these sprouts (when they sprout) in this container together for 2 weeks, but i will put dividers in the soil, to block the roots of each seedling from reaching other seedlings' roots. As for less stress on them when I do transplant them into their final pots.
Hope to get some more followers, this threads kinda dull and I would like to get some input on a few things I talked about above before it gets too far in the grow and i have to just chance stuff. Guess i got time for this thread to heat up, seeds are always a drag right? :p

Happy growin! and Tokin :)
update, one of three seeds broke surface, still in shell.
will post pics when it pops out of the shell.
only having one follower is alittle demotivating but i will keep up in the journal anyway, cant let it get me down!
hope to see some followers soon!
that seed was a quick sprouter, thats cool! but the other seeds willbe behind when or of they pop up. thats not cool! i guess it dont matter that much they are bagseeds and i have plenty more :D and also deciding on some strains to order off nirvana within the next couple months:)
ill post a better update when i get on my laptop! thanks for stopping by!
once you start putting photos up ppl wil start looking in bud. i never had any for a few days nd ppl will probs be viewin just not subscribin, but keep up the good work :thanks:
yea i was thinkin i need to get some growth going to drum some interest,
thanks for the encouragement bro means alot!
your grows doin awesome! i wish i had a light like that dude these CFLs are a pain in the neck
i suppose i should have been more specific :) thanks for the tips and the link!
i am only using the single container for 2 weeks and it will have dividers to block the roots from getting tangled in eachother and also my grow will be moved into my closet maybe sooner than two weeks. i will have three seperate containers ranging from 1.5-4 gallon, just depends on my options after i situate my grow. :peace:
Re: Pooh's CFL grow, First grow! Soil, Bagseed, Welcome friends!

thanks wrangler!

so i got two little seedlings popped up :)

ones opened up and showing those tiny little leaves :D

The other one is still closed up, I will post pics soon!!
I am thinking of sticking with two instead of three as i have two perfect containers prepaired
Re: Pooh's CFL grow, First grow! Soil, Bagseed, Welcome friends!

Heres some pics, sorry for not posting pics sooner!
These things are so tiny, its cute! :D
Also, the reflector was just making so much heat radiate over the area inside that little wardrobe, so I had to remove it for fear of not only fire from that awesome ass old oak, but fear of burnin the youngens, it had to be upwards of 90*f in there!
Ok heres pics!
This is the first one that popped up, while it still hid in its shell!

Heres the second one that popped up,

heres the first one that popped up, after it shedded its shell!

they are so tiny!

scraped my pipe after smokin on that q-o of strawberry cough, (i always do this when i smoke different strains, to make the next strain's taste stand out more)

nice little ball to smoke, gonna start on this grand daddy purp freshly harvested and cured my brother sold me :)

thanks for stickin around my grow! sorry that its so boring atm, growth will start soon!! :)
Re: Pooh's CFL grow, First grow! Soil, Bagseed, Welcome friends!

love the tiny wee sprouts, i checked mines every 5 mins for the first few days to see if anything had happened when they had just sprouted lol :goodjob:
Re: Pooh's CFL grow, First grow! Soil, Bagseed, Welcome friends!

thanks bro
i am alittle more relaxed about them this time cause last time i checked them all the time and it didnt get me anywhere :p this way when i do check them i notice growth :)
Re: Pooh's CFL grow, First grow! Soil, Bagseed, Welcome friends!

the third one came up! now the question is weather to keep it or not. i have two perfect pots, i guess i have another container that would work but soil and lights are my hold up. thoughts?
Re: Pooh's CFL grow, First grow! Soil, Bagseed, Welcome friends!

The final grow space is a closet 5 foot wide 2 foot deep (from door to back wall)
and upwards space available is 6 foot tall, i have plenty of room for three plants but not enough soil or lights
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