Wrangler's 1st Grow - Nirvana Bubb


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Howdy everyone, starting my first grow and journal here for fun. I have done a little homework and hope to hit at least a double or even a triple. Here are my stats:

What strain is it? Nirvana Bubblicious reg
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? mostly indica
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? veg
If in Veg... For how long? 13 days since sprout
If in Flower stage... For how long?
Indoor or outdoor? indoor
Soil or Hydro? soil
If soil... what is in your mix? 1/3 quality local potting soil, 1/3 worm castings, 1/3 perlite with about a cup of bone meal per pot
If soil... What size pot? 3 gallon
Size of light? 150w HPS and 4 26w 6500k CFL
Temp of Room/cab? low 80's during light, low 70's during dark
RH of Room/cab? between 45% and 60% currently
PH of media or res? 6.9
Any Pests ? started with a slight fungus gnat problem but remedied with diatomaceous earth and fly strips :thumb:
How often are you watering? when water meter reads 2-3 (out of 10)
Type and strength of ferts used? Flora Duo system starting in the near future

Here are some pics

Lookin good so far i think. The plant on the bottom right's leaves started out kinda funky but seem to have straightened out. Wish me luck everyone! :goof:
Day 15 update:

I decided to experiment a little and pull the cfls an lower the hps to about 10" from the top of the plants for now. Growth looks really good so far. They seem to be really happy. Plant 3 and 4 seem to have more vertical growth than 1 and 2 which are shorter and more compact. There is a lot of healthy undergrowth on all of the plants and the leaves have appeared to of straightened out, no more funky growth. I plan on vegging for about 2 more weeks or until they are about a foot tall or so, whichever comes first. Let me know what you guys think so far, all comments are appreciated! :thanks:

Plant 1 (top left)

Plant 2 (top right)

Plant 3 (bottom left)

Plant 4 (bottom right)

Top view

Side View

Lights on
Be careful with the lights, it seems like they have a growth spurt and get burned as soon as you get busy!

Your plants look great and really healthy. Are you planning on LST or topping? I wish I tried topping a few of mine when they were smaller.

Keep up the great work!:thumb:
I check on them at least twice a day so unless they grow 6 or 7 inches in 8 hours I think they will be ok. I plan on doing some minor lst and supercropping in late veg/early flower but other than that I am going to let them grow the way they were intended. I was also thinking about lollipopping them about 3 or 4 inchest from the bottom the day before 12/12. I really have no height restrictions and have plenty of side lighting available if needed. I am hoping for at least 1 good female, maybe two, but not three. I'de hate to have to chop one because the lighting i have would not be sufficient for 3 decent sized plants. Thanks for the input guys, I will be back with more updates in a day or two!
Day 17 Veg update:

Everything looks like it is going well, there is noticeable healthy growth everyday. I plan on starting 1/4 strength nutes with the next watering which will put it at around 3 weeks. No major concerns yet. However, I have noticed some slight downward curling on some leaves, especially on plant 4. I have not watered in 5 days so the soil is still damp (not wet), the PH is around 6.9 (according to my meter) and the temperature is pretty stable at 79 degrees so i dont know what is up. It looks very minor right now so I will not worry or do anything yet. Take a look at the pictures if you want and if anyone has any thoughts, it would be appreciated! :yahoo:

Top pics

plant 1 top and closeup


plant 2 top and closeup


plant 3 top and closeup


plant 4 top and closeup


Let me know what you think so far! :thanks:
Lookin good!

Do you plan on Topping or FIM'ing?

Topped and FIM'd a couple of my ladies and boy did they love me for it, lol. (PICS ON MY JOURNAL)

Didnt really plan on topping or FIMing this batch to be honest. I only have a 150w hps and cfls so i dont want the tops to spread out too far from the effective lumen area of my fixture, especially if I get more than one flowering female. A 150w hps does not have a very large high lumen surface spread and constantly rotating them would be a pain, especially in my enclosed grow area. I thought i would maybe LST them a little to utilize my hps fully and supercrop the main cola's. Again, all this depends on how many females i get. I plan on using 150w 2700k equivalent cfls with clamp lights on the bottoms of the plants and letting the hps take care of the tops. If this grow pans out and is still as much fun as it seems now, I will invest in a bigger light, maybe a 400w hps and then go nuts and try different things. :thanks:

brief update:

Plant 4's leaves have now straightened out and are all healthily pointing up and fully extending. I also noticed a slight piney smell in my grow area today and im loving it! Hope i get at least 1 female out of the 4! :adore:
awesome set up bro and beautiful plants! subbed!
i was looking at this strain on nirvana myself and im excited to see this grow :peace:
ill check it out better in a few im on my phone atm
man I wish i had that set up, Its tough working with just CFLs and only a few of them at that with a crappy reflecter and blah blah blah my b!tching :p

the plants are lookin great im excited!

thanks for stopping by my grow btw! :tokin:
Day 21 from sprout update:

The gang seems to be moving along well. I just fed them for the first time with 1/4 strength nutes because they looked a little hungry. Ive read that around the third week of veg with good soil is the best time to start feeding. I tested the PH of all the plants today with a soil ph test kit and they were all holding steady around 6.8 so that is good. Plant 2 look a little different then the other 3. It appears to be much squattier, broader, and the leaves look shiney and waxy. It seems to be healthy with plenty of undergrowth just a little strange. I plan to start 12/12 next weekend. Well that is it, let me know what you think and any suggestions you might have.


Top view

Side view

Plant 1

Plant 2

Plant 3

Plant 4

Enjoy! :thumb:
day 23 veg

Man, only two days after i fed them 1/4 strength nutes and they have shot up and bushed out like no other. There is a huge noticeable difference between my last shots 2 days ago and my new shots today, check it out. I am very happy with the way they are growing and i plan on starting 12/12 this thursday or friday since they are all almost a foot tall already. I am working down an hour a day on the timer to make it the least stressfull as possible. No signs of preflowers yet but I am still hopeful for at least one good female. Taking a look at their characteristics, anyone have any guesses on what they are going to be? Let me know and post your thoughts!

Day 23 top

Day 23 side

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