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What strain is it? White Widow Auto Fem
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? 60/40
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Seedling veggie
If in Veg... For how long? 2 weeks
If in Flower stage... For how long?
Indoor or outdoor? Indoor grow room.
Soil or Hydro? Soil
If soil... what is in your mix? Peat Moss, Vermiculite..
If soil... What size pot? Starter pot and then move to 3 gallon.
Size of light? LED 80W
Is it aircooled? Yes
Temp of Room/cab? 70 - 80
RH of Room/cab?
PH of media or res?
Any Pests ? None yet
How often are you watering? Just started when soil dries.
Type and strength of ferts used? Starting intro Fox Farm Big liquid fertlizer. 1/4 teaspoon per 1/2 gallon water.


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Here are some pics to look at. Several leaves are curling up and not sure what is causing the rolling curl. Any ideas. I have just started small liquid fertilizer (Fox Farm) 1/4 teaspoon per 2 quarts water. Watered 2 times so far. Any ideas about what's causing the leaf curl, please post. Thanks.


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Thanks for the reply. No on the Hungarian. More along the lines of Finnish, English, Scottish. 50/25/25. Here is another few pics.


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The curling seems to be over-watering, but the discoloration is troubling.
You might try this:
1. Flush 2-3x the volume of water through the pot.
2. Let it dry out.
Have you fed the plant?
The new growth does look better than the old: good sign.
Didn't mean to pry, but "cz" is seen in Hungarian, and not many other languages.
Good luck


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I went ahead and flushed with regular water. The growth doubled over night and roots out the bottom of the pot. I went ahead and put it in the 3 gallon pot which was prepared several days ago. 1/3 peat, 1/3 earthgrow potting soil, 1/3 vermiculite. Following label directions on liquid fertilizer. Still not sure what happened to the first set of leaves but the new growth seems to be doing much better. Still working on stabilizing temps, air circulation, exhaust. All 3 seeds were started at the same time. The smallest seed is barely able to see in the pic and the middle one seems to be taking hold. Interesting how each grow produces new problems. No bugs yet but this time around I am ready in advance. The leaf curl might have been caused by high/low temps. I'm working on adjustments and hope this helps.
Thanks for the comments.

David Bowman

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Hope all is well in your world.

Is this grow still alive?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info.

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

If you need any help with posting photos, please read our Photo Gallery Tutorial.

I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Sending you lots of love and positive energy.

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