1st Grow - Bag Seed - CFL

see that top photo there,, the wee bud, bud,, well, i have been studying this real hard,, how to tell the dif as soon as i possibly can,, i mean i have been looking up very close and personal,,

few things i have learned, and i have been dead on accurate last five plants or so,, at the very first signs of the bud,, first day even,,

so,, look at that first pic,, see how the top of the tip is showing two leaves,, not just one point, but two,, well, that is a male, according to my researching and experimenting

a male shows, even right away, it shows more than a single point,, the teenie tiniest double leave sets, not leaves, but whatever,, a female 'only ever' shows one teeny tip,, so i seem to have noticed. not every 'pic' will show the details,, but,, apparently,, some do

now,, during my experimental stage, which i am in right now,, i would certainly wait for confirmation,, confirmation for me is seeing actual pistols, and i keep my males till i am absolutely sure, but, as i stated, i have been dead on for a bit

if accurate,, this method will save at least two to three weeks on sexing plants,, important to some,, not to others, but i just confirmed a sexless plant that took fifty two days to confirm itself, that isa a lotto possible unnecessary tending iffin one asks me

cheers friend,,
Thankyou for the input . Well if that turns out to be the case they only bag seed an first attempt at growing so it's all been a learning process an tbh think I done pretty good first time round, onto my next grow I've jus received some auto blue dream through the post today so will start those over next few days .

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Re: 1st Grow Bagseed CFL

i thot i might clarify, iffin ok,,

i sated about there being 'two tips' to the top,, that is not completely accurate,, my apologies,, i stated that because that is what the pic shows,, however,, a male structure does not necessarily have two tippy tops, no, but it absolutely has two pieces to the structure, where as a female only ever, so far as i have seen, has one,, and it is totally visible, under a microscope, haha, or a loupe too

hard to point out on pics, and others pics , but look at the pic on post 18,, it kinda shows the odder two pieced structure for the calyx, which is what they are, females anyway,, look at a female calyx ,, one point on top,, no more
Could this be hermi?

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How bout ya tell us what we lookin at? Is that one plant? Three plants? Some look male some look female
OK then, thank you. I am on my phone, have no glasses but looking at the pics I think I can tell some.

However, iffin ya don't mind, I would love to know what you think. I gave some perty clear directions that certainly show up in those pics.

I will give you my thots later after work and I put some glasses on.

Cheers fer now
Is this the start of wot I've been waiting for? Woke thismorning to find this.

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Morning 420 been a few days since my last update and the girls really are coming along nicely, for my first attempt at growing the MJ I'm truly loving watching her how through her stages it's really quite exciting lol

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Your lady and hopefully other ladies are looking good! I'm following closely since I'm also doing my first grow with cfls. Subscribed

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