Pooh's CFL Grow - First Grow! Soil - Bag Seed - Welcome Friends!

no pics yet cause i need to charge the phone i use to take pics with.
You said you can notice the smell of your plants when you come in. Are you worried about your neighbors noticing? I have a carbon filter that I use when things get too bad. I was going to turn it on when my plants started flowering, but surprsingly the smell isn't so bad. However, if I disturb the plants too much, PEE - YEW!!! Sort of like kicking a skunk in the butt, LOL.
theres nothing i can do plus its only strong in my room, outside my room you cant smell it unless i left my door open all day.
if the smell gets too bad then my neighbors will just be smellin it cause i dont have a carbon filter or the money to get a carbon filter or any other way to hide the smell plus it would be a task to seal off that closet to set up a filter.

so thinking ahead 4-5 weeks into the future (give or take) to my harvest, im gonna get a bin or bucket or something to sit in front of me when i trim my plant up for drying, much like everyone else, and im gonna trim really tight as to keep the dense part of the buds and hopefully ill have a bunch of shake in that bin to make some bomb ass hash with.
i want to trim tight so that all my buds are dense and not airy, all the extra pistils or whatever that sticks passed the dense part will be trimmed and turned into hash.

this is more for sales than anything, only selling some of my bud, i might take the whole harvest, divide it into halves, round the sales pile to the nearest quarter ounce so if i get almost two ounces, but not quite, ill knock it down to 1 ounce and three quarters. and the leftover goes into my personal stash, and then with my personal stash i will take the smallest buds and throw them in the hash pile so ill have a nice personal bud stash and a personal hash stash :D
sounds good to me lol


dude im out of weed again. lol
damn man thats ugly-out of weed
i just got home with dank fat buds,i wish i could send you a gram dude....
if you got an issiue with the smell and dont have a carbon filter.
just open the window now and then and let it open till the air change and its better than nothing im doing it and dont have c.filter and it works great.
i hope you've already found any buds
nice grow also...
yeah i walked up the street to the shopping center thing yesterday and the air outsides cold and dry and when i came back in my apartment the living room just smelled like my dog pissed on the floor............and of course, she did.
but the hallway didnt have any out of the ordinary smell but as soon as i opened my bedroom door BOOM! it was like a smack in the face with weed smell. it was delightful!

gonna post pics (what a drag)

didnt take a pic of my plant over all cause its sitting in the closet and the lights would have knocked the camera out of focus and shit, but i did take a bunch of bud shots (not really zoomed in as much as i would like) and then some shots of my clone, witch is getting lots of pistils







enough of those delectable buds, lets check out the clone thats on its way to making delectable buds

look at her little pistils :)


if you notice in the pics of the buds, alot of the leaves have cut tips, those were cut a couple weeks ago when i trimmed around the plant and those were really small. just incase anyone thought oh shit he must have burnt the fuck out of his plant with those nutes lol, actually, my plant is loving that bloom boost hardcore!
you see all the frost (well some of it, didnt take it out of the closet) and how much bigger everythings gotten! :D

i fed the clone full strength yesterday (the soil was dry idk when or if i forgot to water it.) and it dont look like it did any damage even at full strength so next watering, ill feed the big plant full strength and then ill feed every other watering after that.

i am so ready to see these buds a week from now, they are growing at a fast and amazingly awesome rate lol

cracked the back of my guitar
i love these fucking plants......:)
thanks for the uplifting words people :D

hope everyone elses grow is going good, hopefully better than mine cause i dont have much invested in mine well i guess i do over all but i never spent over 40 bucks at a time and since i been tryin for this female i think i spent alittle over 150 bucks on this grow. lol damn....could be sitting on a way better set up for 150 bucks.

man today is such a draggy day, nothing to do. broken guitar, fuck.

dude someone come smoke me out im out of weed but i got my jupiter pipe and my fish pipe and a bomb ass gravity bong in the living room and thaaaats about it lol fish pipe my buddy named my white pipe fish. i have no idea why. my little blue pipe just makes me wanna go to space so i call it Jupiter haha
lol i think i only vegged my seedlings for 2 weeks over all and look at her now! shes awesome as fuck! to me anyway lol

dude my internet went out yesterday. and i was like stoned layin here like what the fuck do i do now lol its a weeknight no ones up and i dont got no music or anything lol almost went crazy.

moved some shit around in my closet again, it took an hour but it dont look like i did hardly anything lol.

im high and cold, goodbye haha.
Hey Pooh,

Your ladies are looking great!

Nice pictures, too! Did you take those with a camera phone? If so, I'm amazed at the quality. How did you do that? My phone only has a rotary dial (LOL)!

By the way, I'm not sure what you're using for scissors, but just before my last harvest, I bought a pair of manicure scissors (you know, the small ones with the curved blades).I picked it up at a pharmacy superstore for about $6. It's great for getting in tight places. You mentioned that you accidentally clippped some of your leaves. Well, with manicure shears, you won't have that problem. Also when you do you final trim of your havest, it'll be easier to cut the fan leaves off. The only problem I found using the manicure shears is that the scissor loops (where you put your fingers) are so small that my fingers got sore after a while. I finally ended up putting a band-aid over my finger and that did the trick. Anyway, just a thought.
i purposely cut those fanleaves, just i did it a while ago and they grew out and now it looks like im cutting the tips off because of burn or death lol
i use sheers like for hair cuts cause they are sharp and thin.
i use a motorola i1 phone for the pics, the phone has a 5 mp camera and zoom and focus all that other good shit, but i dont use that phone anymore as my personal cell phone cause the right side back button and speaker button dont work (idk why)
i need to send it in for repair before my warranty is up but i use it for pics on here and being so close to harvest, theres trichomes everywhere and what would bud porn be without sticky trichs?

i am shooting for a new camera around tax time. along with a new guitar, but thats beside the point lol

the buds are getting sticky looking and the pistils got a greenish tint to them now :D
it looks awesome but they are still tiny, im excited though!

in the next couple weeks i need to get a magnifyer, not really sure how im gonna swing that. but ill figure it out, i hope i dont have to wait till tax time to get that too, cause my grow will be over by then

ok now time to smoke a bowl and catch up (maybe) on these subs that are like flooding my sub folder lol i been neglecting other journals cause i been busy but i will get to them all today! hopefully! lol :peace:

You can pick up a pocket magnifier for between $10 - $20. Look for Carson Optics. You can do a Google search. Aslo try pocket microscope. There's one that is 20 X Power Magnification and it has a built-in light advertised for $20. The one I have is a Carson 10 X Power Stand Magnifier or Loupe, you know, the kind that stamp collectors use.

D'Oh!!!! I keep forgetting that I have a camera and that a picture is worth a thousand words.

I picked up the one pictured for about $8 at a pharmacy megastore.


thanks dude you think i could score one at like walmart or walgreens? or anywhere with a pharmacy?
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