Beginners First Grow: Arjan's Haze #3 in Closet

Thank you! They look fine and smell fantastic - pepper, lemon balm and woodland strawberry primarily, and with undertones that are kind of minty.

I tested the two popcorn buds that I cut of two days ago and even thought it was approximately 70mg dried, I felt pretty heightened in my mind in a way that I for example had an inner monologue with myself – thinking way faster than normally for a short period of time.
So it seems promising indeed.

Today I mixed yeast and sugar water in a bottle and put it in front of the intake fan to boost the CO2 in the grow space. :morenutes:
Hopefully the extra CO2 will help the growth in the last following two-three weeks, because even though they smell and look good, they are really spindly.

Thank you!
Since I added extra CO2 the plants seems to have turned into a new phase in the bud production as the calyxes has started to swell. Maybe it’s natural for the plants to start to grow in this way this far into flowering, and that me adding CO2 at the same moment only is a coincident.

But anyway it’s a noticeable change for the good and in addition to the swelling there are new calyxes forming at a few places on the buds and they have slowly started to push out new clusters of pistils. They are finally growing!

Maybe the lack of CO2 through the growth made the plants spindly?

Hello again folks,

New pictures and they are today 85 days old - 18 days veg./ 67 days bloom.

The tallest one "Second Girl" is way after the other two and has not yet started to swell, so I think that one will go for at least another two weeks.
But besides of that, the other two has instead swelled a lot and one of them is going down on Sunday (10 weeks). I have no microscope or loupe so I don't know how the trichomes are looking, but the popcorn buds I've nicked the last week have started to pack power :yummy:

I have no idea why the site rotates some of the pictures 90°.

Second Girl - Still thin with no swelling at all. A lot of bud sites though

Second Girl - Main cola.

Third Girl - Only the bigger buds are still on, the popcorns have been chopped and smoked.

Third Girl - Main cola.

Third Girl - Side bud.

First Girl - The popcorn buds have been shaved of this one as well. It was not intended with the name, but "First Girl" is most likely the first to be chopped.

First Girl - One of the two main colas.

Clones from "Second Girl". As soon as they started to root they went into 12/12 almost immediately. They are now five weeks into bloom and will get replanted into "First Girls" container as soon as she is chopped.

Thanks for me for now - update on sunday.

Today First Girl where chopped down after 18 days of veg. and 70 days of bloom. The two clones from Second Girl where replanted in First Girls pot and put in the centre of the closet for maximum light exposure.

Since I hade already nicked the smaller buds from First Girl there where only 6 tops left, but the wet weight was 58g (with branches). So I'm thinking something like 30g cured.



Replanted clones and a rearranged closet:

Close-up on clones:

You grew yourself some nice looking ladies. And those clones do not look to shaby. Love the grow space and congrats on the harvest. It's always nice to get you first home grown buds drying and getting ready to smoke. + rep Enjoy
High supermanninja

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