Mangosnapper's - DWC - Arjan's Haze #1 Grow Journal 2013

theres one big thing local people from Hawaii have in common and its not everyone
but its a big majority
its a love for the ocean
for myself I could never leave Hawaii I would miss the ocean too much

Happy Thurweed day mango

on another note its damn near impossible to get seeds from strains way back when
im still looking and lived here all my life
theres one big thing local people from Hawaii have in common and its not everyone
but its a big majority
its a love for the ocean
for myself I could never leave Hawaii I would miss the ocean too much

Happy Thurweed day mango

on another note its damn near impossible to get seeds from strains way back when
im still looking and lived here all my life

ooh, man that is sad to hear about the strains. It was 1981 and the bud of the day that was rippin' was Kona Gold or anything from the big island. I was hoping to explore that avenue coming up. those long flowering times made the sweetest budz in all the world. I am bringing Hawaiian back in a big way in Las Vegas, soon... ( I should make some howley hash,lmao )
Aloha my brother, Aloha... :bigtoke:
~ Happy Saturday everyone, nothing much new. But here's a few pics of my Lil Hawaiian, just trodden right along. week 6 of flower.~


Happy Sativaday Mango :thumb:
very frosty looking

Happy Sativa day to you too... the way the plant is frosting up is pretty cool. the little sugar leaves on top of the budz, have a kick to them right now...
~ Taking a 7 foot plant and making it 4 1/2 feet, without cutting it. Use every space there is for budz... ~

nice use of space
Happy skunkday Mango :thumb:

Aloha Cronic , hey just about to dive into your cronichemps-bubba-kush-last-nycd-clone-dwc-bubbler completed journal.
was thinking about getting my feet wet with some Bubba Kush. any thought's amigo?
~ Well there is nothing much to tell, everything is looking good and healthy...the buds are really starting to sugar up, and the room is getting real dank... I like that.

~ Iam working on my camera situation...I will have some macro's soon. I want to share what they really look like.~

Peace and love to all this year...God Bless you green warriors...
OK, the pictures are a little clearer this time... hopefully

I have noticed that, the use of CFL lights used on the side of the plants in unison with the HPS as well, seems to frost up the buds more.
I read somewhere on here I believe that this is the norm, I would have to agree, it works...keep it frosty :byebye:

:ganjamon: ~ Happy New Year ~ may all your crops be so very happy, and all your ailments be so very few... :passitleft:

it's new years day, I think I am going to to a soil flush today to start the year off right. I do believe this is week 7 of flower.
I will flush soil with bottled spring water (5 gallon) and I have a few gallons of city water that I leave out, for chlorine to evaporate from.
i'll use that first, then i'll use the last gallon of water with 1/2 , 3/4 strength nutes for the feeding then back to regular for the next etc.
- I am no expert, I am just an old country boy that believe it or not. When I was coming up, and no internet, country boy's, every last one of us was growing or trying to grow weed, we all sucked ...looking back on it today, with the nutes and lights and everything.
here's a few pics to show how the buds are starting to fatten up nicely, and getting weight, wanting to pull down some or over, Aloha
:smokin: Happy New Year my friends, God bless always ... :partyboy:

Well, I have started my 8th week in flower. And on Jan. 1, 2014 ... I started the year off with a soil flush, and it was pretty nasty in color
So, that's good to go for a few weeks, The PH on the run off was 5.0...and the PPM was 1450ish. I flushed the 6 gallon container with 12 gallons pure water, and on the last 2 gallons I PH'd the water, and the last gallon of food mixed for my lil' girl, was PH'd of course, but the PPM's was at 700, very light feeding. The plant really took to being flushed the sugar coating came back in a big way.
I have noticed some stems and branches were more purple than I ever noticed before... Maybe because of me handling her quite a bit because of having to man handle her to tie her up repeatedly... Just in case that's not the problem, It might be Nitrogen deficiency and the dark green leaves might be some phosphorous least I got her flushed, and I feed her a gallon of food today. But I bumped her up to a heavy feed at 1700 PPM, I know it's higher than I wanted but I mixed xtra Nitrogen and Phous' and bloom booster as well.
With Sativas you can feed heavy until the tips of the leaves start to burn, then back off that mix, and you are good to go, I am defiantly
going to start growing more indicas, and get proficient with those strains.... But you know!!! what's calling to be grown this 2014....right?
~ You guessed it, ... Liberty Haze ~ lol, here's the latest pics of " Big Puna Pearl "...colas are getting heavy, having to tie her up now. ~

On a Special note : Here in Las Vegas, our laws change this summer for dispensary's and such. The money that the state is asking for up front etc. etc.... however, they are issuing a " Cultivators License " as to where you can grow as much as possible, but you can only sell to dispensary's ( all over the state ) and the edible cannabis kitchens and other cultivators...but no one else.

I have been trying to set everything up to start a business like this, but man the money to do it is a hard nut to crack. But the kicker is... if you grow and sell 100 pounds of Ganja for the year. that's $250,000.00 bucks for the year... come on, 100 pounds is nothing for a legal commercial grow... Oh, and Nevada will honor other states MMJ cards if they come here... that's a good thing. Anyway's wish me luck on that en-devour please... more and more of us will be getting these cushy grow jobs in the future...hopefully. :ganjamon:
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