Pilots Skunk Haze - Znet 4 Led

thats a big swing though, that tells me that the breeder isn't using bred true phenos, or its using f1 hybrids to give birth to a generation of f2 hybrids, which is something a reputable breeder would tell you, seeing as f2 seeds should be cheaper and have a variety of expressed phenos.
Its been 6 weeks and still no flowers. No balls either. Her sister is 6' tall with bud sites everywhere. Same closet. I am going to chop her down today to make room for her sister.
MaPilot, i know its to late now but did you try leaving the lights off for more than 12 hours? I would have left them off at least 14-16 hours and tried to get her to flower. Some strains are like that. Oh well! Glad you have your other girl flowering!

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