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Been doing great but my brother has had some health issues and I have been looking after him and not had a lot of time of late. I just harvested one yesterday and got 316g or 11.1 oz wet and another I will harvest in 1 or 2 weeks. I will be starting a new grow from seeds when that one is cut and the grow room cleaned...and I will have a journal on it...pineapple kush.

you garden it looking great dude...proud to see you growing...have seen a cat pic yet...lol...and yes I am a cat person. :)
Re: Pilots Skunk Haze | Znet 4 Led

caught up and looking good :)
Hey Spidercat, Been going good. It's been 2 weeks under 12/12 and still no signs of sex, Same with Amelia. Piper is about half the size, but bushier.
Here are a few pics to satisfy yall. :)



Have a great day!!!
she be going :) well lets hope its a she lol
our fingers are crossed for you!
Piper is looking lovely though!
Also, got my journal up and posted a few more pics today to go along with it!
Feel free to stop by:goodjob:
looking good. are you under just led or led and cfl?
Just LED. I will post pics later today! Not sure if Piper is a she yet. I don't see balls, but she is not flowering yet either, She has been on 12/12 schedule for almost a month... :/
MaPilot, You should check everything to make sure no lights are on. Any new equipment that you forgot about could have a small LED display or a "on" led light that could be messing them up. I would stand inside your room right before lights off to make sure its completely light proof. Something is causing them not to flower.
there is zero light leak in the room. Also one of the two has started flowering. I will check closely today for balls again.
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