GT's Ongoing Garden of Weeden - Keep It Simple Stupid!

Man your busy GT. Been awhile since I drove thru. Good thing pictures are digital now. You'd go broke trying to develop all them pic's. A lot of strains I see. I love the Church for a commercial plant. I grew her out afew times outdoors, with fantastic results. 'Donkey Dick Heaven' she's one that fills allotted space when grown from seed and unlimited root area. Smoke stores great. Solid 7.75-8 on my scale Hope you don't mind I post a shot.

That was one of the prettier ones.
Hope your cave is working out. Sorry I've fallen so far behind. I need to catch up atad rep's++ and Keepem Green
Beautiful Wood!!

NLxBig Bud, Fruity Chronic Juice, and Pineapple Chunk have been set outside to finish up, and Nirvana Ice and Pineapple Express have been moved into viewing room with the others...

Pictures coming soon..
All plants but the WW and the Sour AK getting a 20 minute flush of tap water tonight. I'm looking for 11-12 weeks on them two, and the other ladies 9 which will be Sunday. I of course will do as the plants tell me, but those are my numbers anyway for those that covet the old "expected harvest times".... Took two colas from the NLXBIG Bud , the 45 day samples where frigging good, I kind of like the cbd/ thc ratio this plant has. Put you to sleep.....
GT do me a favor, what happened with your Blueberry Gum? Yield, taste, and quality. I finally have one that took so I'm on my road there. Love the plants dude and Keepem Green
Yield was a 3/10, but I believe that was due to my fault, so I am running the same re-vegged again shortly...
Now for taste and high I give it a solid 7-8 for the pungent/fruity/skunky awesome one of a kind taste. And I enjoyed the super mellow yet still able to function stone associated with this strain. Fishing with my son and driving some old childhood backroads was even more enjoyable, and pain free...
Fruity Chronic Juice, Bubblelicious and NLxBig Bud got the chop last night. All were at 50% amber and the samples have been great so they were cut. I left the bottom 1/3 to 1/2 to let the popcorn buds fill out a little more and to le them reveg out. I will get them ready to become mothers and eventually bonsais.

The Church, Chemdog and and Sour AK coming down soon.
Peace and God bless.
Thanks man. I also have been working with a lot of the same strains. But I did cull the NLxBigBud. I don't remember why but anyways. I'll tell ya my Bubbious is ready in just over 7 weeks. I'm looking for afew ambers to show on mine. 10/90 amber cloudy. Looks like you like yours alittle more well done than I do. That's a personal factor. They do continue to degrade into cbd's and cbn's alittle after harvest. Can't beat a good cure with a lot of herbs. My got that Bazooka Joe smell at week 6-7. Great plant. Fast. Mine is starting a flush on day 50. And I have FCJ going too. I threw one out before and after it's harvest Miss J said she really like it so I got another going. Both these are my second go with these genetics. I don't think I hit their full potential the first time. Second times a charm, as it always is with grows. Takes a time or two before you can really judge what you got. I topped my BB-Gum on it's second true set of leaves. Hopefully it'll grow out shorter and bushier. Hey GT, just a idea, you might want to throw the name of the strain out on top or under your pictures. It's kind of hard to read some of the tags. I've only grown Church acouple times inside. Once I did her with one of the drip ring units like a waterfarm type. Thing got alittle outta hand if I remember right. And I did a flop grow in my 'Buck Rodgers' grow with a Church. Is a great cash cropper outside even up here above the 40 degree latitude I'm up there pretty far north for a lot of strains. Sometimes I get end of September before I see a touch of rot, sometimes the 15th of Oct, and that's a blessing.
Well dude hope everything is treating you right. Keepem Green
Helloooooo all my family here at 420MAG!! I have been one busy man last year or so!! We have a new addition to our family(Long amazing story about that to come), Started a great new job, been working hard on legalization here locally, and several other great things have happened....

Growing has been hard because of recent things going on, but have some updates on that too! Well, sorry have to cut this short, but look for me soon, have some vacation time coming up and will fill everyone in!

I think about you guys/gals ALOT, you have all been missed, and the fam says hello as well...
Peace and God bless!

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