Our First Grow (CFL) Brainstorm & Lemon Skunk

Looking pretty solid so far. Wait as long as you can to harvest that bagseed, I don't think its going to be done anywhere around 60 days. I generally ripen up closer to 70 days with a lot of my hybrid strains. Being bag seed you don't know when it is prime harvest conditions so its going to be tough to judge. But remember the longer you let it go the fatter the nugs will get. The plant looks pretty sativa. My first grow, after looking back on it, should have been harvested around 80 or 90 days. I've heard of people flowering pure Haze plants for 6 months. I don't know when you plan on harvesting those bagseed, this is just a little information for you to think about when the time comes.

We are going to harvest the one bagseed girl tomorrow just because we need the room for our other plants to flower. but the other 2 will be in there for that long. thanks brett2themax for the info we need all we can get...:peace:
Hey guys nice grow, I love seeing frosty buds from cfls! You've only got the 3 cfls in there?

I'm growing the same strain from Barney's Farm that you are, we've been calling the strain Lucy and 420 seems cool with that. Mine's about 3 weeks into flower now. Stop by and check her out if you have time - it's the hempy grow in my sig. :peace:
here are some pics of the girl we cut down today her wet weight is 74 grams. We are happy with the weight saying she was cut early....
That 74 grams will reduce to about 7-10 grams by the time its dried. Let them dry until the stem makes a clean snap sound when you break it, not a crunching or tearing sound from a lot of fibrous material. You want 15% moisture left in the bud before you move them to jars to cure them. PLEASE dry and cure your buds properly, it takes patience but it is well worth it.
Stare... Stare deeply! You are feeling beginning to feel very drowsy, soon you'll be under my control...

...Er, I mean let's light another bowl! Yeah, that's it!

I love the colors & pattern! :welldone:
How many days into flower is that last pic GT10?
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