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  1. Krissi1982

    Grow #3: 5 Different Strains 4 Autos 1 Pheno

    Hello everyone again. Want to get this going earlier than later so here I go: This is my 3rd grow now. Just bought 30 seeds and dropped a few of them here. I use i49seeds. I know it is not sponsored, but I have always had great success with their seeds. Keeping this inital post as short as I...
  2. Krissi1982

    2nd Grow, Focal Plant: Amnesia Fem #1

    Decided to give good ol Ammy girl her very own journal. I shitted out a terrible joint grow journal a couple months ago. I have learned much about the Journaling process since then and wanted to take another shot at her. She was grouped in a journal with month ago harvested AK-47 and Blue Cheese...
  3. VetSmoke85

    Testing The ViparSpectra XS1000 With VetSmoke85

    Hello and good day to you all! @ViparSpectra have given me the great opportunity to test their XS1000 LED grow light and I hope you'll join me in discovering what this light can do. As a veteran I'll break this down into a military style briefing. Situation I wanted to do another autoflower...
  4. MackMurder

    Murder's 12x C.O.B. Dutch Passion Fruit Journey

    I usually grow a bunch of strains and use 3 different types of lighting technologies in the same tent. Ive decided to use a separate tent with just my COBs as lighting on a single strain in a SOG to see exactly what these citizen 1212s are capable of. Strain: DUTCH PASSION - PASSION FRUIT Tent...
  5. S

    Dutch Passion's Think Different: Topping, LST, HST, Autoflowers, 260W Kit, BioBizz

    Hello 420mag community, I will be posting a flowering-only organic-only journal as I wasn't sure I'd even create one. I'll cut to the chase. If it will interest people I will provide info about the vegging period which is currently on its last week. Grow Info: Self-medicating...
  6. F3412B48-421B-401B-B590-79D4BC8D439D.jpeg


    Early Flower Defol and LST.
  7. 18B84D03-2F33-4D29-BA32-D0986CC85DB3.jpeg


    Early Flower Defol and LST.
  8. DB45BABE-C312-4319-A787-18E073A700D4.jpeg


    Think Different
  9. 500C8039-49DD-4E88-ABD4-E68F927FE97B.jpeg


    Think Different, i’m doing my best to keep some symmetry.
  10. 560FB437-334D-4662-9C08-656B2CFD89CF.jpeg


  11. 4A5DA5E3-3D6C-4D05-9B1E-DECED2D58946.jpeg


    After LST
  12. FFBE4C0F-2DCF-48C1-AC35-7C63494445C4.jpeg


    Before LST
  13. DD48D708-3E17-4AEA-8038-0B64E66AF9E2.jpeg


  14. 1D2B66DA-66C1-44AA-97EB-96A13B48E9CB.jpeg


  15. AEB91CDC-C1D0-43B9-974B-FB333663BE02.jpeg


  16. 1BC70232-7630-40D8-BA57-F56C46101106.jpeg


    Clipped the top two fan leaves, better light for the lower nodez.
  17. IMG_6687.jpg


  18. 698E9EF7-CA8F-4273-8DFD-DCD2FBB4C51D.jpeg


    2 Weeks, i grabbed her lower nodez, clip.
  19. Dutch Passion Durban Poison

    Dutch Passion Durban Poison

    This one is purple, does not smell like liquorice, or anise. She smells like fruity pebbles.
  20. I

    First Indoor Grow, Critical Orange Punch

    To start off id like to say this is not my first time growing i have been at it for a while (7 years) but until now it has always been outdoors. I decided to give playing god a try and see how I do. I also have never posted any of my grows on the internet but have viewed and read many grow...
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