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    Dutch Passion's Think Different: Topping, LST, HST, Autoflowers, 260W Kit, BioBizz

    Hello 420mag community, I will be posting a flowering-only organic-only journal as I wasn't sure I'd even create one. I'll cut to the chase. If it will interest people I will provide info about the vegging period which is currently on its last week. Grow Info: Self-medicating...
  2. F3412B48-421B-401B-B590-79D4BC8D439D.jpeg


    Early Flower Defol and LST.
  3. 18B84D03-2F33-4D29-BA32-D0986CC85DB3.jpeg


    Early Flower Defol and LST.
  4. DB45BABE-C312-4319-A787-18E073A700D4.jpeg


    Think Different
  5. 500C8039-49DD-4E88-ABD4-E68F927FE97B.jpeg


    Think Different, i’m doing my best to keep some symmetry.
  6. 560FB437-334D-4662-9C08-656B2CFD89CF.jpeg


  7. 4A5DA5E3-3D6C-4D05-9B1E-DECED2D58946.jpeg


    After LST
  8. FFBE4C0F-2DCF-48C1-AC35-7C63494445C4.jpeg


    Before LST
  9. DD48D708-3E17-4AEA-8038-0B64E66AF9E2.jpeg


  10. 1D2B66DA-66C1-44AA-97EB-96A13B48E9CB.jpeg


  11. AEB91CDC-C1D0-43B9-974B-FB333663BE02.jpeg


  12. 1BC70232-7630-40D8-BA57-F56C46101106.jpeg


    Clipped the top two fan leaves, better light for the lower nodez.
  13. IMG_6687.jpg


  14. 698E9EF7-CA8F-4273-8DFD-DCD2FBB4C51D.jpeg


    2 Weeks, i grabbed her lower nodez, clip.
  15. Dutch Passion Durban Poison

    Dutch Passion Durban Poison

    This one is purple, does not smell like liquorice, or anise. She smells like fruity pebbles.
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    First Indoor Grow, Critical Orange Punch

    To start off id like to say this is not my first time growing i have been at it for a while (7 years) but until now it has always been outdoors. I decided to give playing god a try and see how I do. I also have never posted any of my grows on the internet but have viewed and read many grow...
  17. 16339546-9010-4AF4-A316-03DF4F0F0B66.jpeg


    Think this is Dutch delight by Dutch passions again on day 33 veg
  18. Soil2Coco

    Soil2Coco's Autoflower Journal

    I’ll be transitioning over to this journal as I finish my photo period plants in a few weeks. Going to Miami on Friday for a cruise to the western Caribbean for a week. Goodbye snow and -30 wind chills. Hello sandy beaches and sunshine!! Wake and bake with the ladies!! Pain was pretty bad...
  19. Herbies Seeds

    Herbies New Free Seed Offer & Updates 7th December 2018

    New Free Seed Offers Thanks to Barney’s Farm Seeds we have a new Barneys free seed offer effective immediately. On our main Herbiesheadshop site: All Orders 2 x Barneys Farm Bad Azz Kush Feminised Seeds or swap for 1 x Barneys Farm Blue Cheese Auto Over £50 (excluding delivery) 2 x Barneys...
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    December 1 2018 - Blueberry (Dutch Passion)
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