dutch passion

  1. Hugh Splith

    2nd Attempt - DP Blueberry

    Hey people! I'm about to go in (AGAIN!) on the quest for the smoke of my dreams - 'blue' Blueberry. My last attempt was a complete disaster, however I was a virgin and a lot more focused on financial gain. This time around, I have a completely different m.o. and I just want to achieve my...
  2. G

    Our First Grow (CFL) Brainstorm & Lemon Skunk

    :ganjamon: This is my and roommates first grow ever and we would love all the help we can get. This is our set up we have 2 closets we are currently growing out of. The first one we started is just some seeds we had, they are doing well but we started a second grow. The second closet is the...
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