Arjan's Haze #3 in Soil - LED/CFL


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great as always Ink!!
How are ya buddy?? Soz aint been by in awhile thought Id better see whats goin on and its all happening here!!
Looking good so far buddy, Pheno 1 and 2 both look good and you should be proud of your work, them nugs are forming well IMO I like it;) My girl Lucy is coming along o after her injury, She is now close to the height I want to flip her ( 3-3.5ft ) my mate has my hood and socket but Ill be getting that back soon when I see him! And Ill be choosing myself a branch from his bush - its the least he could do IMO.. Ive helped double his harvest, lent him ballast n lighting and gave him some BPN bloom booster. WHAT MORE COULD ONE WANT??!! :) lol
Ahh, I think he ll hook me up a little, also I think he ll be getting me to trim her up so Ill make my move then... ONE STEP AHEAD MY FRIEND!
Had too many ppl take me for granted and gotten a free ride, not anymore..
Enough of my dribble... So yeah, I think you should get a good amount of buds from them to pheno's and cant wait for your " Smoke report " !! Take care and will chat soon. Smokemup:goodjob:


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HOLA :420:

Much love.

Man this harvest post is way overdue but I've been super busy and away most of the time and also smoking a bit! Yes man! :ganjamon:

I gave away 60% of the harvest to friends as happy gifts like homegrown tomatoes but better, quickly smoked the rest and then took a break from the weed world. But man, now I got this awesome hydro weed from a local guy and I immediately remembered my neglected 420 thread. Hehe opps.

So anyway!

This is flowering day 76, harvest day for the slow flowering sativa-like pheno. After 11 weeks she was ripe for harvest. The other pheno was ready at 9 and a half weeks so the breeders suggested ten weeks was a good average flowering time.


And here is the dryed finished product! I got two of these jars, I've no idea on weight because I have no scale. I'm very happy with this grow it's been my best so far. Everything except the second defoliation went perfect according to my own expectations. And this strain was very easy and happy to grow unlike my last grow, also 100% germination rate two finished females for two beans, this should normally be a guarantee considering the price of seeds but unfortunately that is not always the case with seed companies. At least I can recommend AH#3 from the growers perspective very nice easy strain, no problems.


Smoke report

The smell was pleasant and mild just like the smoke. It smelled fresh a little citrus y, a little minty and perhaps a faint nutty sense somehow. Effects were light and heady if you smoked a little but sleepy if you puffed a lot. The nice thing about it is that no matter how much I smoke or ate I never felt any hint of paranoia, only thing that would happen was couch lock or sleepiness (mostly from over indulging on milk drinks he he). It was more of a chill out or enjoy your day weed than a strong intense or psychedelic experience.

I bet it would also be great to mix together in a joint with a super strong weed that you wanna take the edge of negative effects like paranoia or whatever.

Overall a great strain with it's own purpose but you might also want a stronger kind with more THC and less CBN to mix it up with occasionally.

And this concludes this grow journal. :Namaste::love::love:

PS. Next time I gotta use better soil! Hard to find good brands where I live.

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Thanks for sharing your grow with us.

Don't forget to head over to the 420 Strain Reviews forum and post your smoke report there too! :cheer:

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