Grasbauer's First Grow - Arjan's Haze #3 - Soil - 160W CFL


Buds still getting thicker, but their maturity is strangely inconsistent, not only on the same plant but even within the same bud. The buds closest to the light have continued to stretch, and these newly grown parts are very immature, as you can see in several of the shots below. How I am going to harvest this, can't do it bottom first...
Meanwhile I have cut a small bud as a sample, gonna start smoking it in ~2 weeks. From its size and weight, I expect to harvest a total of about 2 ounces dry.
Used fill flash this time for better pics.

Day 123, day 79 of 12/12

Top far less mature than the lower part, with no resin.

The different phenotype in the back, clearly different looking.

Smaller bud to the left is much more mature than the one to the right.

The sample

Closeup. Not quite ready yet, but good enough.

Fuzzy Duck

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Mmm that really gets my taste buds excited seeing the new pic's :high-five:

I must admit that is pretty impressive for ya first grow & may their be many more successful grows for years to come.


Thanks, man.
I now read that this additional bud growth is called foxtailing or bolting. Likely caused by heat or light stress. Might check if I can shear off the already mature lower part of the buds off the stem.
Also, the right front plant must've bent or buckled back one night, causing some branches to be crammed together near the back of the tent without sufficient air circulation. The (small) buds there were damp & like hay and I removed most of them. No big loss (maybe 1g), but one thing is for sure, next time I won't put more than 2 plants in there, unless it's a particularly small sort.
I'll likely cut some large colas until the end of the week, they're becoming ready.
Below a closeup of the left bud in the 6th image of the last post.

Day 129, 3 days ago

Fuzzy Duck

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Looking good :thumb:

I can see by some of your replies you are learning as you grow it is a very good sign indeed !

Well perhaps so many plants in small area was a mildly bad idea but on the bright side of things ya well stocked up on :lot-o-toke: for awhile...

I do hope you have enjoyed keeping your first grow journal & even your first grow it is really not that difficult to grow mj for a little bit of personal use once you get past the beginner worries & stuff :Namaste:


Yes it's not that difficult and I like it, though it's really starting to test my patience.

The Diesel Auto I put in there a month later after the AH3 was ready almost 2 months ago.
So it's time for smoke report: After 2 weeks of drying and 3 weeks of curing, it started to get noticeably stronger. Now after 6 weeks of curing, it's quite a nice smoke - though it causes extreme munchies. "Clean and clear high without euphoria", as advertised. The taste is ok but nothing special.

Fun fact: Autos under artificial light are considered ineffective, but I can fit almost almost 3 grow cycles of the Diesel Auto into the length of one of the Haze sorts, and the yield is probably more than 30%.

The AH3 sample caused sleeping problems, I hope the finished and matured version will be different.
I harvested a bit of the front left plant 4 days ago, there will be another partial harvest in 2 days, on Saturday.

Day 142, 98 of 12/12


Fuzzy Duck

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That is pretty darn impressive like wow, holy & lots of other words :thumb:

AH3 is largely sativa dominate genetics which may influence length of flowering time and type of effect more of up lifting, energetic feeling & i'm sure it would be great for a day time smoke.

Well you may prefer an indica dominate strain which are more body & couch lock effect for the evening smoke they don't effect the sleep so much & much shorter flowering time in general.

Sativa & Indica have their time and place along with desired effect... after a little research and looking around you can find medical reviews of most strains for type effect you may like :thumb:


Thanks. Yeah dude, I specificially got sativa dominant strains because I liked the idea of an "uplifting" high, I just didn't expect it to be so long lasting and affecting my sleep .. also don't like the couch lock effect though. I guess best for me would be something in between!

I do have hope that the fully dried & cured version will be better though. The Diesel got a lot better with curing. Plus these are 2 different phenotypes, the plant in the back has a lot more resin and different leaves & bud structure. Looking forward to trying the other pheno.

Anyway, tomorrow it's time for another partial harvest.

Fuzzy Duck

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On average i like a cure of around two to three months :thumb:

If i like a strain i reserve a jar for a six month cure...

Ye i like the uplifting strains myself but some times i need a little something to knock the edge of it late at night like a good indica.


Oh, that's a long time. The Diesel buds made a jump in quality at about 3 weeks of curing.

Here's the partial harvest, about 150g wet, so it should be ~30g dried.

Ready for drying, with some of what I harvested on the 3rd.

About the same is still in there. It could be 3 ounces altogether in the end, and certainly at least 60g.


Next part of the harvest. This time with the branches that were crammed together when the front right plant tilted to the back, so it was kind of a mess and it took me all day to manicure them.
Projected total yield now 4 ounces. Final harvest next Saturday.


Fuzzy Duck

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Pretty good harvest & well done :high-five:

The manicure can be time intensive but it is one of things... how ever some people save the trim for making canna butter or bubble bag hash & might be worth looking into !

I save mine & freeze it, in till i got a suitable amount for either of the above.


I don't keep the trim, I give it away. Got some friends with a water pipe very, very high. Collected a bit of "finger hash" though.
Below is what's left, what I'll harvest tomorrow morning. Buds that matured late, and the new parts of the ones that bolted. Interestingly, these still have many clear trichomes and look barely mature at a glance, but also have some brown trichomes already. Plants getting old?
Going to be day 157, sheesh.

I won't continue growing for now. But I will give out seeds, pass on what I learned, and the tent will be relocated. There will be 4 plants outdoors and 2 in the tent. Strains: Crimea Blue (2 in the box, 1 outdoors), Automaria II, Tangelo Rapido Auto, and another Diesel Auto.



Below the final harvest on the 23rd.
Total amount should be about 5 ounces, though the lower buds do not have much resin because of the weak CFLs.

Seeds for the mentioned new plants have all germinated, or so I've heard..



The grow's total yield was over 130g. The buds lost 79% of their weight while drying.
It's more than I could ever have hoped for, especially considering these 2x80W CFLs are only equivalent to ~142W at the higher efficiency of the 55W versions.
The distinct citrus aroma is getting stronger during fermentation, though not all buds have it. Some smell a bit like hay.

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Hope all is well in your world.

Thanks for sharing this grow with us.

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