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  1. baxbax

    Best pH for calcium in coco coir

    I just have some calcium deficiency in coco I use ro water but add (24 drops of liquid contain 10 percent calcium and 2 percent mg) for 2 litre water , I add ph down to mix and bring it down to 5.9 and still have calcium deficiency , what is best ph for maximum calcium uptake in coco coir ...
  2. C

    Measuring Calcium & Magnesium Levels - Coco Noir

    Hi from the UK. I'm a newbie starting out in the wonderful endevour of growing my own weed. As you are probably aware this is still illegal in the UK with draconian punishments (Prison) for those who try it. Do I give a F**K? Not when I read of the good it could possibly do me. So I did...
  3. dawook4420

    Calcium deficiency just into flowering

    I noticed a calcium deficiency only a week after I flipped to 12/12 and I have since treated it (I think) successfully. Now, three weeks into flower, though, the affected leaves at the canopy are all severely damaged and curled upwards. The rest of the plant seems fine and the flowers are...
  4. O

    Tiny little spots on some plants

    At some point I thought it was Calcium deficiency, I started using Calcium and NPK 20:20:20... Kindly take a look at my journal to see how things are developing.
  5. G

    New grower! Need help and advice!

    Hi Everyone, This is my first ever grow and since the flowering it seems that my plants been having all sorts of issues. I tried giving more Nutrients, tried to calibrate the Phosphorous (thought this was the issue), I have bought Cal-Mag because I think this is one of the issues. I have also...
  6. M

    Calcium deficiency?

    Hello, two days ago I discovered a few brown spots on the upper leafs of one of my Early Queens. As I'm not sure what exactly causes this problem, I want to ask you guys. Is it a calcium deficiency, what do you think? Medium is dirt, fertilized with Bio-Bizz (Bio-Grow, Bio-Bloom...
  7. M

    Calcium versus Magnesium deficiency

    I was unable to find a good reference to show the difference between a Calcium deficient plant and a Magnesium deficient one. Experience is the best teacher and I have learned now to tell the difference. These images are as much for my reference as everyone else's. The past ten days I've...
  8. J

    Adding Extra Calcium

    Hello All, :Namaste: My plants are already 25 days old & they are growing very slowly. Feeding them canna coco 2 times a week, with ppm 450 & ph 6,0. The Runoff water PH is rather high – 7.0 when measured in a tray. Guess this ph level might be blocking absorption of certain micro elements. I...
  9. A

    Calcium deficiency or pests?

    In other words Calcium Chloride or Peppers. LOL. What do you think???
  10. Weaselcracker

    My assumption is that this is early calcium def

    It's just showing up in my Panama. I haven't had any calcium issues in years, it's just this one strain. This is my first round growing Panama. I grow a bunch of other strains including a few other pure sativas. I am growing in sunshine mix - peat moss and perlite soilless. HPS lights. All...
  11. J

    Problem after foliar spray

    I had a calcium deficiency that I were able to stop the problem but I started to foliar spray to prevent further problems. So for this week foliar spray I used Calcium Carbonate and Epsom last. I followed the advice I was given about using 1 teaspoon of Calcium Carbonate. So I always go the...
  12. Weaselcracker

    Anyone make DIY calmag?

    While in between calmag orders I made an emergency diy version today. I dissolved a large bottle of calcium pills in water. Added Epsom salts at 1/2 the amount of the calcium. I will probably change that ratio up a little to mimic more closely the commercial calmag. I've read Emilya's thread...
  13. J

    Problem with calcium

    Have some plants in veg cycle they already have been 6 weeks on veg and when I was about to change to 12-12, I notice what I believe is calcium deficiency. I'm growing in organic soil and using leds. Following some of the info in the forum I tried to foliar spray some water infused with...
  14. Justones

    Best way to add calcium?

    I was looking for something that was mostly calcium. But didn't see much. So what's the best way to add it?
  15. D

    Adding calcium flowering week 3-4

    Right now my plants are at its flowering stage in which its gonna start producing the tight buds soon. I water my plants daily with a composted steeped worm casting tea diluted with tap water. My plants seem to be looking healthy this year. My question is, I have this calcium fertilizer...
  16. O

    Calcium or Phosphorus?

    I have this issue always come up at the same time, in weeks 3-5 of bloom. I always thought it was a calcium deficiency. Can anyone confirm this? Im using AN pH perfect in dwc. Advanced Nutients say not to ad any other products with it so im not sure how i can add more calcium when it says not...
  17. P

    Need help with a possible LSF or other deficiency

    Getting my ass kicked by what appears to be a fast moving virus or fungus. First thought that it may be a calcium deficiency. Adjusted the calcium and sprayed with organic anti-fungal and insecticide. Whatever it is seems to have retarded the growth of the plants. WW and AK feminized autos...
  18. J

    Boron & Calcium Deficiencies - Plant Problems & Solutions

    Boron Deficiency Problem: A boron deficiency in cannabis is relatively rare, and is usually accompanied by other types of nutrient or pH problems that appear as problems with the leaves. The first signs of a cannabis boron deficiency is abnormal or thick growth tips along with brown or...
  19. B

    Plant deficiency - Please help

    hi , im in rockwool my plants are 1 month old and they have 2-3 sets of true leaves i noticed what i think it is a iron/cal/mag deficiency so i bought some epsom salts and calcium carbonate i have a foliar spray to which i added 30 ml dutch master liquid light +30 ml penetrator + 1tsp epsom salt...
  20. Emilya

    Emmie's DIY CalMagPhos+ From Eggshells

    This is an awesome product to use during the changeover period from growing to flowering/fruiting on all of your plants. For most of us, by using molasses we are able to get the magnesium that our plants need, but for our calcium needs, most of us have to fall back on a commercial product, and...
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