1. Social Pothead

    Green Goddess: Feel like dancing?

    I saw this strain and I thought let's give it a try… The name “Green Goddess!!” Raised my curiosity into touching the buds feeling them and grinding them to roll a perfect joint and pack a bowl. Ohhh MaaaMaaaa! That buds color… I'm sure you are thinking about the smell of that vibrant flower…...
  2. tent.jpg


    14x16 Davis Wall tent-winter in Maine
  3. M

    Freedom fest

    June 19-20-21; Harmony Maine; Benefit for Maine Vocals, Founders of Marijuana reform in Maine.
  4. G

    NY Harvest Festival & Freedom Fair

    October 10-13 2008 Join us for good food, good music & good ppl! Damn Sam Productions ~ Home of the NY Harvest Festival & Freedom Fair / Political Rally
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