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    Crop King Feminized Seeds - Not yet released Candy Cane Feminized

    Crop King sent me beans for Candy Cane Feminized which they haven't put on the market yet. I ordered Candy Cane Autoflower but by mistake I was sent the feminized seeds. Once I noticed my auto wasn't doing like it should be I contacted Crop King and had no problem making it right. (Great Job)...
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    CKS Candy Cane - What's Wrong?

    I got 5 Candy Cane autos from CKS out of 5 only 2 worked and the 2 that did grow are growing poorly can anyone tell from the pictures what might be wrong? They are about 2 weeks old, i have a bunch of random seedlings growing as all in the same grow box, same soil, same water etc and they are...
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    Camper2016's First Grow - Candy Cane Auto

    Hey guys, thanks for any advice. All is appreciated and will be taken with a good heart and attitude. My first attempt to grow marijuana. Have to give props to Crop King Seeds they were very upfront, nice and willing to help a newb like me get going. Ordered Candy Cane auto-flower based on...
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    Help - Candy Cane Kush - First Grow

    Autoflower Breeder: Crop King Seeds Website: Marijuana Seeds Canada - Buy Cannabis Seeds For Sale - Crop King Genetics: White Widow X AK47 X Mango THC: 17.81% CBD: 0.1% CBN: 4.0% 70% Indica, 30% Sativa 7 week strain Hey there I'm growing candy cane under a 240w led...
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    Candy Cane - Almost ready but advice would be nice

    These are my Candy Cane girls, they are at week 10 from planting, . I love the frostiness of the buds, but I am concerned about the colour of the leaves. I am doing a flush so maybe that's why they are looking a bit rough. They have been off nutes to try to clean out the taste. I am currently...