1. H

    Abandoned The Widow - Closet Grow

    So, I just started my second grow with some fresh babies from gorilla seeds! Just briefly: my experience with them was great, 7 days from order to received, id give the stealth shipping an 8 out of 10. Got a few autos (girl scout, lemon) decided to start with the widow (feminized) Anyway...
  2. B

    Completed BHT's 2nd CFL Soil Grow - White Widow & WWxBB - FFOF - DIY Cabinet

    Bubba's 2nd CFL grow Howdy again all. Those of you who were following my first grow (see link in signature below) know that I ran into all kinds of snags and ultimately ended up with a failed grow. Both of my previous plants came from Blue Dream bagseed and I'm convinced that bad genetics...
  3. kandysman

    CFL lumens

    I was wondering if anyone could give me a fairly straight answer,lol. I have heard a lot of things.But anyways the question is how many lumen's do each plant need to produce good yield. Not square footage or anything just each plant. Thanks a lot. There are so many different answers online it...
  4. RVgrower

    Completed RVgrower's Indoor Closet Grow: a Few N. Lights x Skunk & Some Bag Seeds Under CFL's

    I am now growing: (2) Fem "Northern Lights x Skunk", an Indica- heavy cross, both germinated around first of April. (1) almost died when it got buried too deep, & when I saved it, it's husk got stuck, & one Cotyledon broke off & it almost died! But it hung on & so I kept trying to take good care...
  5. Excited2start

    DYI Grow Box

    so this is my first time ever doing anything like this and want to show everyone what I am doing. I have started to build my own grow box for the first time. I am using only thinns I have around my house. So I have spent pretty much no money on this so far. I took a little cabinet I had in my...
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