1. Ron Strider

    Netherlands Coffee Shop Case Highlights 'Paradox' Of Cannabis Laws

    With 3,000 customers a day, a restaurant, ample parking and turnover of €26m (£23m) a year, Checkpoint café, the largest cannabis-selling coffee shop in the Netherlands, was a fabulous commercial success. That was until it was closed down in 2009 for testing to the limits what the Dutch...
  2. Ron Strider

    VT: Border Checkpoint Nets 8 Illegal Immigrant Arrests, Seizure Of Marijuana

    A U.S. Customs and Border Protection checkpoint along Interstate 93 southbound resulted in the arrests of eight illegal immigrants and marijuana being seized. The checkpoint was set up along the same straightaway as one that was held over a three-day period in late August. This time, U.S...
  3. Ron Strider

    MS: Walthall County Authorities Seize Over 20 Pounds Of Marijuana During Checkpoint

    Just before dark on Saturday, July 22, Walthall County deputies and MHP troopers were conducting a safety checkpoint at the intersection of Hwy 27 and Hwy 98. A van traveling towards the checkpoint began to reverse away in an attempt to avoid the checkpoint. Trooper first class Craig...
  4. NACnCO

    What's Up With Nebraska / Colorado Border?

    So, I understand that an oz of Weed has been "Decriminalized" in Nebraska. I'm assuming it means if you get caught with under an oz the cops will take your Pot, but not arrest you. Do you still get fined for it? What's the story? And what's up with the Border with Colorado? I've heard there's...
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