MS: Walthall County Authorities Seize Over 20 Pounds Of Marijuana During Checkpoint

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Just before dark on Saturday, July 22, Walthall County deputies and MHP troopers were conducting a safety checkpoint at the intersection of Hwy 27 and Hwy 98.

A van traveling towards the checkpoint began to reverse away in an attempt to avoid the checkpoint.

Trooper first class Craig James and Trooper Dan Speed initiated a pursuit which led them through the city of Tylertown.

When the vehicle was finally stopped, Curtis Willis was apprehended along with 21.52 pounds of marijuana.

Willis is being charged with possession with intent to distribute, careless driving, felony fleeing, and DUI. Willis is awaiting an initial appearance at the Walthall County Jail.

Agents with the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics seized the marijuana and will handle the investigation.

"This is mainly a state agency case, but we want to let the public know what exactly is traveling through their county at any given time," said Sheriff K. Breland. "This case shows why our sheriff's office needs more funding now than ever to help deter the trafficking of drugs away from our county. Good job to the troopers, agents, and deputies on working together. Hopefully others will see this and it will make them second guess themselves when they come into Walthall County."


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