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    Spider mites problem - Please advise

    I have this beautiful healthy plant with mature buds full of trichomes. Actually it is ready for harvest but I was waiting for more amber trichomes for the couch-lock effect. Unfortunately, this morning when I was checking on the trichomes with a magnifier I saw those little monsters. I did...
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    RSO extraction possibilities?

    Hi there. i no the extraction methods used in order to obtain the RSO oil, but i was just wondering weather there is any possible way to do the extraction without having to use chemicals like alcohol? iv'e heard of the c02 extraction method but unfortunately i don't have that kind of money for a...
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    Organic Nutes attract too many bugs?

    This question is mainly for Guerilla Growers but do you find that all these organic fertilizers with fish, blood/bone ect. attract too many bugs to your plants? I have a plot in the forest but can't decide if I want to use organic or chemicals for this reason. I am also using water crystals...