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  1. DET—PDX

    Critical+ 2.0: Organic, Co2, Timber COBs

    Back again, transferred schools and moved out of Oregon, hence the hiatus. Anyway this is Dinafem’s critical + 2.0. Some brief tid bits about the set up: 5x5 Tent, 600w Timber RedWood COB LED 3000k for veg, adding 2 150w 1700k COB’s from Timber Grow lights in late veg thru flower. Evaporative...
  2. Mr. Magoo

    Cobbing: The Essentials

    This thread will serve as point of reference concerning cobbing. Please refrain from comments better suited for the other cobbing threads and allow this space to be used for just the essentials. Content here will be things brought up or discovered in the other threads that the community feels is...
  3. ondercuver

    One COB thing bothers me

    :Namaste: Hello fellow diy'ers I'm researching COB's for some time now and it looks like every build is about the same ... cobs run in series with a few meanwell drivers . My question is " is that necessary ? is there some science behind it? a paralel run would be less efficient?"...
  4. 28 Grams

    How far do you guys keep your COBs from the top of the canopy?

    I'm on my first grow using COB's: 3 Vero 29 chips about 3 inches apart from each other in a line using 230W total. No optics. My plants which are in early flower seemed to be doing fine at 12" and I just lowered it to 11", so I'll see how it goes. I'm just curious to what everyone else is doing.
  5. M

    COB & Heatsink Question

    Hello, I´ve just finished my first grow with a dyi cxb 3590 light in a 4x4 tent and I really enjoyed the result, so I was planing to upgrade my 4x8 tent with cobs as well. Been reading a lot about which cobs to use since cree is apparently not the leading company anymore and not the best...
  6. G

    COB color and lens vs reflector questions

    Im planning my DIY veg and bloom cob build for scrogging and I need some input from you guys. The lenses will protect the COBs from dust and damage, but it also remove some of the light and also focus the light to a smaller footprint, will that give me better penetration? is there any...
  7. S

    Building my first COB light

    Hi guys, I'm just getting back into growing and looking to upgrade my lights. My previous light was a inda-gro 420 mainly due to heat issues in my previous growing space. I've been reading and researching cob LEDs and think that's the way for me to go. I think I have the gist of it but want to...
  8. T

    Slow weird growth - Why?

    this 2 are auto fem white widdow from ministry of cannabis unfortunately I had to transplant them and smaller one got transplant shock but this smaller one started to produce white pistols while other healthier one didn't, what will happen to her? will she continue to grow or am I stuck with...
  9. I like Cheese

    Cob advice

    Hi Guys I have a veg tent that is 0.8 m2 and i am wondering if 4 cree cxa 2540 5000k cobs would be enough to cover it. i am certain there are better cobs for this out there but, that was my budget. Thanks in advance. .
  10. K

    Cheapest Cobs available in Europe

    I want to know what are the best and cheapest led cobs in Europa and can I reuse my old water cooling system from my old pc?
  11. G

    LED driver and dimmer switch question!

    I have 5x clu3 55w-36v citizen cobs order and I could not work out the correct driver to run all 5 so I just bought indivual drivers at 50w-36v @ 2700k, does anybody know if I can wire them all too one dimmer switch? I also bought 2 chinese 100w cool day-light cob's that came with drivers for...
  12. G

    New CO2 grow with Cree COBs

    I could use some help with people who have used cree cobs and know how close they can get the canopy without bleaching I'm setting up my new grow using a vertical system as it makes better use of my space 1 cxb3590 per square foot with a 90 degree lens I'm going to be running co2 the...
  13. D

    LED gurus - Need some help

    Led Gurus, got a few question, I have about 25 power supplies, all universal input, and output is 55- 105 V and most are 550 MA, a few are 600 MA. I am wanting to run 2 - 36 v cobs on each power supply, the cobs at full load is 1080 MA, 58.8 W, so on each power supply I can run 2 of these chips...
  14. K

    Advice for DIY COB?

    I want to get into building my own light! I currently own a Mars300, but I want to try to build something myself and use the Mars300 for additional lighting. So far I keep hearing the CXB3590 COB's from Cree are the ones worth buying. I want to buy 2, can I just buy a couple 3500k ones and...
  15. G

    Veg DIY COB light

    Hey guys looking to build a veg light with 6500k COBs not really looking to spend the money on CXBs so who has some knowledge/experience with CXAs or cheaper older model Cree COBs?
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