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  1. K

    CA: Shasta Lake Marijuana Collectives Eye For-Profit Status, Expansion

    All three Shasta Lake medical marijuana collectives intend to become for-profit businesses and are eyeing expansions, including adding full-time jobs, to establish a steady supply chain under a new state law - even if voters don't legalize pot in November - their owners said Monday morning...
  2. MadMike

    Emerald Mountain Collective

    Are there any Mendocino or Humboldt County residents who could tell me about these folks? Emerald Mountain Collective: 100% Humboldt Kind Judging from their page, they are a knowledgeable collective and particular about their strains. I sent a message to them a few days ago but haven't...
  3. T

    Colorado Black Friday Medical Marijuana Center Specials

    Hey can people post what specials they are seeing at different dispensaries in Denver? I saw The Health Center is doing 30% off any purchase til noon and Buy 5 get 3 Free clones w/ a 30 day guarantee.
  4. O

    New Delivery Collective in the Bay Area!

    Green Access Collective is now Open 6 Days a Week. Green Access is a delivery only service; the medication will be delivered by a professional corporate delivery person to our members. :cool027: Please see our delivery map for areas covered. Membership is a fairly simple process; you can...
  5. G

    Vials or Bags? A legitimacy issue?

    Ello everybody, In LA, We're said to have somewhere around 1,000 dispensaries, and if your anything lik I am, checking out new ones is always a good time :) My question here is in regards to legitimacy. I am an advocate, pro cannabis all the way. Of all the "clubs" I went too, only the...
  6. J

    Justified Alternative Healing Collective

    Justified Alternative Healing Medical Collective Lake Forest, Ca JustifiedAlternativeHealing.com
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